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Essays and Articles

These articles and essays form a good introduction to the conceptual context within which I work with you. They include introductory topics and more in-depth essays exploring selected aspects of metaphysics, energy dynamics, spiritual process, and psychology.

Chew well before swallowing :-).

When I read your writtings I feel inspired, your spirit seems authentically expressed in your words - which in turn allows my spirit to feel directly spoken to. - AK, Boulder CO

Your newsletters are so inspiring. I always look forward to receiving them. It's almost uncanny that what you talk about in your own life is often very similar to what's going on for me. Funny how the universe works that way. - TE, Boulder CO

All articles copywrited by Alan McAllister. No permission is needed to link to them (with appropriate acknowledgment). Please ask permission to include them on your website or in your publication.

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Walking out in nature, open to a conversation of Being and releasing external distractions, I can follow the natural magic in the core of Being. More...


Searching for a middle way between fear driven fight and flight reactions when doing business. Presence in your heart will lead to effective action from love. More...


You have choices about how to engage, or disengage from old mental/emotional patterns as they arise. Praying to be released from suffering may bring this awareness and the ability to choose, rather than direct release. More...


Daily experience depends on a multitude of choices about what we give our attention to. Understanding how they are made allows us to begin to make new choices consciously. This leads to spiritual freedom. More...


As individuals we are constantly touching the world around us. When we bring awareness and presence and our own Sacred essence to our touching, it becomes Sacred Touch. More...


Creating mental palaces is useful in living in the world. In returning to Source it is not the form but the Essential content that is important. Being IS. More...


The body is the temple for our Soul. It is also an aspect of our Self. Learning to communicate and integrate it yields many spiritual and physical benefits. More...


It's always good to know where you are on the learning curve. Too much is frustrating, as is too little. Strange encounters can also be good teachers. More...


Learning to make decisions and learning to listening to guidance and intuition are intimately connected. Moving towards navigation by knowingness. More...


We are flooded with options. Mostly we choose by habit, unconsciously or from our lower self. Asking "What serves?", consciously tuning to Soul, brings Joy. More...


Having a clear intention, a clear sense of who you are, you are fully present in your space and your boundaries will be solid. More...


The world is and has always been infused with Being. It is enchanted and sacred. Open your heart and feel it. More...


For every wounded inner child there is also a survivor who has gifts and power of some sort. There is gold to be found in the mud. More...


On how our concept of being and adult is usually not in complete alignment with who we ARE. This leads to fear of failure and discovery. More...


On the use of sacred song to connect with Spirit, your Self and Source. A resource for Joy and Love in turbulent times. More...


The evolution of an energy worker, deeper and fuller engagement with the magical world of Spirit. From peaking in, to directly working with clients in it. More...


About how giving love away, reather than being love and radiating it, we also give our power away. More...


About how when something triggers our emotions or subconscious tapes, it is a gift that we can use to unravel the hidden aspects of our self and gain control over our lives. More...


About how our energy goes with our attention. Learning to consciously choose where our attention goes helps us to avoid loosing energy in ways that don't serve us. More...


About different levels of awareness experienced during a recent physical healing journey. We are always body and Spirit and can follow both through any experience. More...


About how learning to connect to and stand in our spiritual self gives perspective and leverage for working with the elements of our human life. More...


About the power of words to evoke (call in) energies to the space around us. The more we stand in our power through spiritual practice and ceremony, the more this is true, even in casual conversation. More...


When we follow our breath with loving attention, the tight, stuck, anxious places come into awareness. The breath helps us to creat space to release them too. More...


Perception and communication happen through resonant processes. They apply on all the levels of the human being, emotional, mental and spiritual, as well as physical. More...


About the benifit of remembering to use our basic energy tools whenever things are uncertain or changing. This helps us to respond rather than reacting. More...


Swimming inside your breath you learn how to swim efficiently. Living inside your heart breath, you learn to live efficiently and with an open heart full of Love. More...


About the weakness of anger and the power of fierceness, in which we claim our spiritual and human rights, rather than defending against something. More...


When you forget that you Know you open your space and give your power away. The mind may not have an answer but you can still Know and be Whole. More...


We live in flows of matter, energy and life force. It's OK to receive these unconditionally, even in the midst of traumatic events and rapid change. In fact its most important then to tune into them. More...


On the importance of questions, how we ask them, and the power they have to carry us through the unknown into what we want. More...


Some lessons my recent travels have taught me. When you pay attention your road will teach you how to walk it well. More...


I often invoke the qualities of Ease, Effortlessness, and Grace. A reminder to you, your Self, and Spirit to take things easy when you are making big changes. More...


Hypnosis as a co-creative process, between different aspects of ourselves with the guidance of the hypnotherapist. More...

Latest Article

Mindful Questions [© 2/18]
Pausing to ask a clear question, that reflects your true needs, is a powerful mindfulness practice. This leads to being aligned with your Self.

Essay Archive

Introductory Overviews

Hypnosis and Trance [© 7/05]
An overview of my how I view Hypnosis and trance work in general. Covers states of consciousness, levels of trance, passive hypnosis and active (interactive) hypnosis.
Reading and Healing [© 2/02]
An overview of my how I view my role as a reader and spiritual healer.
truth, Truth and teaching [© 5/02]
An outline of the relationship of personal, social, and absolute truth. Including aspects of perception, the ego, and the manifestation of the physical from spirit. All to set up my suggestion of how to read what I write.
Intro I: the Energy Body [© 5/01]
Intro II: Judgment, the Glue that Binds [© 9/01]
Intro III: The Energetics of Karma [© 12/01]
A three part summary/introduction to my vision of us as energetic beings and the application of that vision to understanding the spiritual journey, "karma", etc.
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Selected Essays

Gateway to Unity Consciousness [© 12/17]
Source creates duality, then uses polarity to manifest. Holding a complete polarity creates a gateway back to Unity Consciousness.
Solar Eclipse [© 08/17]
Some thoughts on the total solar eclipse and the cosmic enegies in play to help us heal ourselves and the planet.
Talking with the Universe [© 07/17]
Some observations about the on going conversation we all have with the Universe. Noticing it and understanding it, and the fluidity of time.
Grounding and Manifestation [© 04/17]
A longer piece exploring the consequences of grounding and shielding your energetic space. Parallels with electrostatics are most useful.
Duality and Sacred Union [© 01/17]
A discussion of the meaning of Sacred Union, the return to Source. Duality and Unity. A beautiful analogy is found in the physical nature of light.
Riding Geodesics [© 10/16]
Using gravity, martial arts, and other parrallels to understand paths, flows and pauses in the context of an unexpected appendectomy.
Emotions, Karma, and Freewill [© 07/16]
On how old emotional charges (trauma) becomes karma, and is also physically lodged in the brain. This determines much of our behavior. Learning to recognize and clear these opens the ability to exercise true freewill.
Reducing Resistance [© 04/16]
About energy effeciency. Every other aspect of the universe makes use of enegetic optimization, cultivates minimal effort. Perhaps we should too.
Compassion, Presence, and Resonance [© 04/17]
About energetic resonances in human energy fields and how they are and can be used in the healing arts and teaching.
Courage and Butterflies [© 10/16]
About the courage it takes to embrace the darker aspects of self so that they may transform into the butterflies that are ready to fly forth.
Clearing Stones [© 12/15]
Fields naturally clear stones in the winter breathing of freeze and thaw. Humans can clear our inner stones breathing consciously into our lungs and bodies.
Limited Engagement [© 10/15]
About why our attention is endlessly engaged by the world and how to find a new stance that is more powerful and comfortable.
Harvesting Life [© 10/15]
The ancestral peoples knew how to sustainably harvest life, rather than mining for resources. We need to remember this, to live in harmony with the Earth.
Passing the Judgement [© 9/15]
About how when we may seek to make others wrong in order to feel better about ourselves, this is a distraction from our own self-judgment.
Inner Trust [© 9/15]
About how under all the reasonable mistrust of the outer world, especially the unconscious levels, there is a deep lack of trust in Self and Spirit.
Fire in Healing and Transformation: Fever Dreams and Star Births [© 6/15]
Fire in healing and transformation processes in the body. The phases of stars parallel the phases of life and fire for humans.
The Playful Universe [© 2/15]
Exploring the Universal energy of play and how it can show up as playfulness in all aspects of human life.
Listening to Stillness [© 2/15]
On how we can drop into the physical body and through that into the stillness of the Void In the spaces between our physical atoms. Listening there we can hear our Soul's truth.
Manifesting from Balance [© 6/14]
On how the universe creates everything from the interaction of the masculine and feminine, and we must as well. Various implications are explored including the need to cultivate, heal, and integrate our own feminine and masculine aspects.
Internal Relations [© 1/14]
On how we are always whole complete beings, human and Soul, although our awareness is often limited, moment by moment. Our sense of separation is fueled by various fears held by the human self, but they are inherently false.
Shadow Boxing [© 10/13]
On how its better to dance with your shadow than to box with it.
Emotional Alchemy [© 8/13]
On the sorce of all emotional energy in consciousness, life force, love. How we can learn to transform all the forms back into love and joy and then use them to support our expansion and growth.
Being on Your Path [© 7/12]
On how being present (or not) is more important than being "on" or "off" our path. Being connected and present we are on a good path, open to spirit and magic.
Your Next Step [© 5/12]
On the importance of giving yourself time to wait between cycles of doing and of owning your next steps as something that comes from the creativity of your heart rather than in response to external experctations or pressures.
Show Up, Pay Attention [© 9/11]
On how it is useful to constantly challenge ourselves to show up and pay attention, To claim the full richness of being alive as a human we must do this over and over.
Levels of Being and Personal Boundaries [© 3/11] Top 5 Read
On how we are both infinit spiritual beings and finite physical humans. The rules are different on the two levels and as humans we need to have appropriate boundaries. As we come to consciously operate more on both levels we need to pay attention to the relevant rules.
Holding Space [© 11/10]
On holding space for healing processes and how a deeper level that is more fundamental to who we are and where we come from has been showing up recently. This makes healing work simpler and more powerful.
Finding Love Within Yourself [© 7/10] Top 5 Read
On connecting to the love that is your Self, owning it and expressing it in the world. The difference ebtween this and "looking for love" in the world.
Understanding Each Other [© 11/09]
Understanding each other requires intention and attention. Communicating successfully is not as simple as we often assume. We tend to give up or over assume in many cases. When we look beyond the words we can begin to understand each other and ourselves.
Life, Death, and Preservation [© 11/08]
On how life is comprised of three part cycles, and how in resisting the final "desruction" part we get stuck in "preservation" to the detriment of "creation" and the over all flow of life itself. Reconsidering our bodies in this context we can open more easily to spirit in ways that nourish and heal them, making them living temples.
On Losing and Finding Our Center [© 12/07]
A piece inspired by a lesson from spirit on a ceremonial evening. About different levels of being lost and found, and how we find meaning in our lives.
The Limits of the Ego and the Benefits of a Higher Power [© 11/07] Top 5 Read
On the limits of the egoic mind and the benifits of recognizing and resourcing higher powers, both psychologically and spiritually.
On Nursing Intuition [© 9/07]
A brief outline of energetics behind how healthcare professionals interact with their clients.
Dancing on the Earth [© 8/04]
On how dancing with the Earth yields both grounding and freedom.
Reading clip and recorded meditation available on the Recordings page.
Birth and the Fear of Being Alone [© 6/04]
On the root fear of separation and being alone, and how we may confuse aspects of the birth and death transitions.
Giving and Receiving in Relationships [© 8/02] Top 5 Read
On how giving and receiving in relationships changes when we change from thinking of ourselves as limited beings to unlimited beings.
The Keys to Your Heart [© 7/02]
On why we often feel we need to "fall in love" with someone else, rather than simply be "in love".
Includes a short meditation.
Listen to it on the Recordings page.
Projection and Power [© 4/02]
An essay on owning our issues, reclaiming power and healing.

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