Riding Storms

Geomagnetic Storm

Today is a new moon, which passing in front of the sun causes an annular solar eclipse. Events like this tend to stir the energetic and emotional waters. A on-going, minor, geomagnetic storm, caused by high speed solar winds is disturbing the magnetosphere, agitates the human magnetic field; the pot is stirred some more.

Our emotional bodies and subconscious minds have their own life, dynamics and processes. They may weave in and out of our conscious experience and awareness. Mostly they are mild enough to go unnoticed. We are feeling a bit off today, no big deal.

Other times the celestial or geomagnetic weather is rough, or the currents of our inner and outer lives are more turbulent than usual, emotions or mental patterns that usually are kept below the surface and out of sight come bubbling to the surface.

When the volume goes up on emotions or mental tapes, the initial reaction is usually to manage them, push them aside, do something that helps us to feel better. It might be cleaning the house, diving into a work project, watching a movie or reaching for ice cream and cookies. One of my favorites is chocolate.

For spiritual growth, when the ego or emotional body reactions are particularly strong, this can actually be a gift. It may be the emotions or thoughts that come into awareness, or it may be a sudden urge to engage in self soothing or avoidance behaviors. If the reactions are pronounced enough to grab conscious attention there is an opportunity to react consciously for a change.

With intention and practice it is possible to notice things as they surface and pause long enough to remember that they are indicators of something under the surface. These are not direct responses to something going on in the moment, though things in the moment may have triggered them. What is useful is to learn to recognize, directly or indirectly, what the indications of being triggered are, or when we are entering into an old pattern that may not be helpful in the present.

This recognition and awareness allows the option of exploring reactions and engaging with them rather than avoiding them or dropping into unconscious programs. Notice what your initial impulses are, this helps to understand the techniques that the subconscious uses to take care of itself. This is valuable information and self knowledge. Take the chance to have a conversation. Then choose consciously whether they are useful right now.

Letting urges to react flow through, recognize also the emotional content. Breathing through it releases old energy that makes these reactions automatic. As these levels clear, feel into what is underneath, what is your being trying to heal, cover up, or avoid? This is the gold. These are the emotions, beliefs, patterns that have been shaping your life under the surface. The best way to really feel better is to be present with and engage what’s coming up, release the emotions, and breath through to spacousness on the other side.

That all this is going on is part of the human condition. It is not a bad or shameful thing. It is however a condition that can be consciously explored, shifted, and transformed. At first it takes courage, but with practice it becomes easier. The result is a life that is lived more in present time, with more freedom and in greater alignment with Self and Soul.

So when the weather is stormy or something surfaces on its own, remember that this is an opportunity not a tribulation. Engaging with things is the best way to truly complete them and leave them permenantly behind. All it takes is some self-trust, intention, and practice.

(© 9/2016)

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