Being Magical

Everything is Energy

I started out reading energy nearly 20 years ago. Looking into the magical world of Spirit. I would sit with you, enter a light trance state and “see” your aura, including chakras, past events, past lives, beliefs and pictures, other people’s energies, guides, or anything else that had wound up in or around your space. I might also read energies around areas of life, transformations, work situations, relationships. Everything has an energetic aspect that can be sensed and communicated.

Energies that have been read, and that don’t belong, or no longer serve can be worked on by my healing guides. They have often helped you to release the old, reset beliefs or programs, clear beings, and bring in new energies that serve you better. Sometimes your guides play a direct role as well. I have especially appreciated being able to channel energies from your guides or higher Self for you.

Reaching into the magical levels of Spiritual energy, this healing aspect is more kinesthetic. I feel the energies in my hands as my guides work, or Reiki flows. Often you can feel it too. When something shifts or releases, your heart opens, or a beautiful blessing comes down from Spirit, we feel it.

Once I found myself trying to describe a deep blue energy to a client so she could receive it at the end of a session. She wasn’t used to working that way and it wasn’t connecting. Following inspiration I called it into my hands, a big blue ball and simply handed it to her. We were both pleased that she could both feel it and see it as she brought it into her space herself.

These days I’m often helping you go into your own trance state, where you can experience energies directly. Creating a safe space for Spirit and magic, awareness opens and you enter into the magic as well. Rather than listening with your mind, you are able to experience with your being, which is more powerful.

Now a new level is evolving. As we both enter a safe magical space, my being is able to communicate directly with yours. This includes modeling something energetically. How to ground, or center; how to connect to Source and Earth; how to open or close your chakras, release old energies, or connect to guidance. Whatever it is, if I can do it, your Self can be aware and copy it. Your Being now knows, and knowing can deepen and repeat on its own. You get to carry more magic with you.

I have probably been doing this for a long time in classes and sessions without focusing on it. Creating a sacred space and inviting you as a spirit to join me there. This is a place you can do your work with your own guidance. It is also a place for more complex and conscious communication, more like a transmission of information about how we can Be as human beings. Which is what my guidance and Higher Self is constantly teaching me. How to truly Be a Spiritual Human, how to live in the magic. There are usually still words to keep our minds happy, but the real work is often going on Soul to Soul, a conversation on the level of Being.

Exploring how to live as the magical spiritual beings we are, is healing and transformative. It is exciting and joyful. I look forward to sharing this deeper level of work whenever it serves you.

(© 12/2016)

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