Knowing and Wholeness

Sometimes life throws you a curve. A hail storm messes up your roof and skylight. A flood evicts you from your office. A spare tire drops off a truck onto the highway a hundred feet in front of you, slides under your bumper and causes serious damage.

Situations crop up that you have to sort out, but may not have the expertise or information you need to do so. Your mind thinks it has to figure it all out, or if that is too much, to find someone else who will know the answers. There seems to be a choice between a lot of mental effort and giving up.

In either case you are operating from fear and loosing your space, your certainty and sense of Self. When you do this you open holes in your space and your boundaries for others to step through. But there is a third option, in between versions of fight or flight, in between trying to control things, or giving up.

When I felt I didn’t have the answers, but needed them badly, it was easy to give up my Knowingness and my space. But Spirit reminded me that knowingness is not always about factual answers and information. I can Know and be certain that I am whole and will be OK, that things will sort themselves out, that the right folks will come along to help out.

I may not know the details, but I can hold firm the emotional tone of the situation. I can address my fear, release the mind from figuring things out and remember the place of inner certainty that is always there, and from there set intention for a smooth, supported, and even playful process. My knowingness will tell me who the right people are, what the right answers are, even if I don’t understand the details. Letting go with my mind I can still own the situation with my heart and soul.

This is the route between the Scylla and Charybdis of effort-and-figure-it-all-out and giving up. Stay present with yourself and your Self, and that changes things completely. You are whole and complete, with or without specific answers. This type of Knowing allows you to hold effective boundaries in spite of needing something from the world. You can wait for the right answer without grabbing for the first answer.

We are all connected to Spirit and Self, and at that level we know what is right for us. We just need to relax enough to listen. Sometimes knowingness is about having the answers appear in your mind’s eye, or ear. Or you may get a body feeling when there is resonance and truth. The deep Knowing, however, is something that not only calms the anxious mind, but the calm certainty of the heart, of your Self and Spirit.

Knowing that you are Whole you will set a positive tone, even for the unexpected. You will find your answers and assistance without giving up your space or your power. When life provides the unexpected, you may not have all the tools you need right at hand, but remember that you Know, center in your Self, and the rest will follow.

(© 3/2014)

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