Gateway to Unity Consciousness

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys

Unity Meditation

Unity and Duality

The manifest Universe we inhabit is inherently dual. All cosmologies start with Unity creating Duality (Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti). The Big Bang released energy which became matter and anti-matter. Matter is positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons. Source does not abandon it’s creation. Everything that is created partakes of duality, includes polarities within itself, while also being part of the universal energy field.

Physical manifestation is an embodiment of Source, which is always and everywhere present as the foundation of Being. Duality is never separate from Unity, but exists within it. Polarity creates spaces, or gateways, for the physical to manifest out of the field of the possible (the Void, quantum vacuum) and into form. However, gateways work two ways. Polarity experienced in wholeness forms a gateway back to Source.

Polarity as Gateway to Unity

To return to Unity and Source is the goal of the spiritual traditions. When the Kundalini rises up the spine, it connects and unifies body with spirit. This process is often spoken of as a journey, moving from earthly consciousness to heavenly awareness. And we do experience this shift. But the Kundalini is also using the polarity between the 1st and 7th chakras to create a field that reorganizes the physical being so that it can embody Spirit. If the spiritual path was simply “up and out” it would not be called Yoga. Union is coming back to the body as Spirit and learning to experience them in wholeness, together. To live with Unity Consciousness.

When two (or more) are gathered in the name of the Divine, they create a space within which Spirit can be experienced. This happens in groups and even in simple conversations. A field is created between us and we deepen into the spiritual awareness of our own Being, and of Being in general. In a session focusing our intention on Spirit as we talk, we implicitly call Spirit up, and drop into Self. This is the first level of creating a gateway.

Holding Duality re-creates Unity

The use of holding paired points, or concepts is found throughout healing modalities (e.g. Shiatsu) and meditative practices (e.g. Zen). I once experienced a pair of Egyptian rods. You can see them in the statues, just sticking out of the hands of Pharaoh. When I first picked them up I felt like I had taken hold of the terminals of some cosmic battery. Similar charging can occur with bare hands. Holding duality in your hands creates a powerful Unitary Field. This is the second level of creating a gateway.

These days the neuropsychologists can watch the consciousness shift with brain imaging. Holding both hands in awareness at the same time, consciousness naturally shifts from everyday awareness into the deeper calmer awareness of meditation. Richard Miller has visualized the active regions of the brain reflecting this shift. This has helped me to understand what I do.

Abiding in Unity Consciousness

I’ve been holding space with my hands for a long time now. Over the years my sense of what I was doing has deepened. First I thought it was about creating a safe, clear space. And it is. Then I thought about returning to the quantum void, holding the Field of Possibilities. Moving towards Source an existing manifested form is released and another form can then be chosen from the field. The wave function collapses in a new way. Transformation happens. Now I see it as opening a gateway to the field of Unity Consciousness.

Come and play in the field with me. Being in the unitary field, drops us into unified awareness, deep trance, and Spirit. In Unity Consciousness many beneficial and healing experiences are supported and become possible. My role is that of an experienced guide, to help create the gateway to Unity Consciousness so it is easier for you to experience it within yourself. and to support your adjustments to a deeper state of Being. Resting in the field your Self knows what serves you and that will arise naturally.

Welcome home.

(© 12/2017)

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