Sometimes we come to a decision, a fork in the road of our life, a place where you have one or more choices about how to move forward. Some forks are minor; what clothes to wear today, or what to eat for lunch. Others seem to be more important; what office to rent, who to build relationships with, should you move to a new place?

You may feel that taking one path will mean letting go of another path. If there is a right choice, the mind worries that good things will be missed, or unwanted things will happen, if you take the wrong one. Other times it may seem that there are two things you really want to do or be, but that you have to choose one or the other. You are torn. Perhaps there just seem to be to many options, to much information, and its all overwhelming. Ground and breathe.

When you are having trouble making a decision the answer is usually inside you rather than out in the world. Allow yourself to sit comfortably, ground and find your own space and sense of Self. Notice the levels of uncertainty. Let the spinning in the mind, and the boiling of the emotions be present, with a bit of curiosity. These are all old pictures, beliefs and patterns being triggered. Practice noticing them and letting them go.

See the what ifs, the fears, the grief, self doubt or judgements. Give them all over to Source or the Earth. When the mental and emotional clutter and static is released you can begin to tune into the quite places close to where manifestation takes place. Drop into your heart and tune to the internal compass of passion and joy. There you can perceive the truth of your desire, the nature of the choices you think you have and see/create new ones that may serve you better. You are clearing space for clarity, for your core intention to come into focus, to listen to your heart, and for new options and alternative possibilities to surface.

Once you have settled and released the fears, there is an energy, a feeling of decision. Somewhere you know this, and you can practice with small things. It feels good to simply decide, to trust your Self and Spirit, without having to think it all out. Check in with your body/heart knowingness or ask your guidance simple questions. This is particularly good to use when there seem to be too many options. Most of the time there is no right or wrong, as Rumi has pointed out, simply different options, different paths. Notice when answers feel solid, or not. Any time you feel uncertain, sit with the uncertainty, explore it to see if its serving you or something to let go of.

In Spirit things are never black and white, and you can often have your cake and eat it too. Whenever you feel torn between two apparently incompatible options, its time to ask for other choices. As you gain clarity about your heart’s core desires, your intuitive imagination or guidance can show you alternatives that allow for combinations, or out of the box new view points that creatively include most or all of want you truly want. Allow these resources to drop answers or new possibilities into your mediations, dreams, or waking hours. Just hold the open question in your heart and notice what shows up.

The decision will have make itself, or making it you will know that whatever you choose will serve you well.

(© 10/2014)

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