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This page lists ways to explore yourself in small pieces: a private topical session/s to address a specific life issue or an introductory energy tools or selfcare class, are excellent ways to start walking in the world as a conscious energetic being.

V.M.'s story: I've used the affirmations and the signal with my fingers. It seems to be working really well with about 90% of the time when I can control my emotions. What a relief!! Thanks for all your hard work and understanding. Read more...

Cultivation of the Energy Body

We are all energetic beings, interacting with each other and the world around us all the time, through various levels of energy. Your full "energy body" starts with the energetic aspects of your physical body, but also includes your emotional and mental levels, finally there are your purely spiritual aspects. Read more...

S.S.'s story: Alan McAllister is the real thing when it comes to clairvoyants... Alan's gifts helped me understand the underlying situation from a whole new perspective... I felt energy shift and settle as we got deeper into the reading. The images were very vivid and accurate... I love Alan's humble, heart-centered approach. The experience brought healing laughter, wisdom, and clarity. Read full...


Sessions with Alan offer a unique fluid blend of trance work, and energetic guidance.
For more entended work see the Journeys .

Custom sessions: a mix of energetic technique and/or guided trance work. The mix is determined by the client's conscious intentions entering the session, modulated by what shows up from unconscious, superconscious and spiritual sources during the work.
Best for well defined, simple issues, with clients that have experience with trance in some form. Can also be done on an introductory level.

Interactive Processes: some processes [e.g. past lives, spiritual journies] may be done as independent pieces, but generally require some preliminary developement of support tools and resources, resulting in 2-3 sessions.
The amount of preparation depends on the experience level of the client and the specific process.

Contact Alan for your Free 30 minute phone consultation to explore your best option.


Alan offers both multi-session classes and seminars ranging from one hour to whole day. He is dedicated to working with individuals or to helping your business. He is a powerful teacher who has taught classes and seminars for over 25 years. He believes that learning should be a fun adventure of exploration, and brings amusement and enthusiasm to all his classes and seminars.

Read an essay on Alan's philosophy of teaching and its relationship to truth/Truth. In short, "Chew well before swallowing".

Refer to the WBE calendar for times and dates.

Multi-week classes are offered for individuals, groups, or businesses, teaching a suite of energy management tools for enhancing your relationships, your job, and your enjoyment of the experience of being you.

Topics Covered Often Include:

  • Clearing and Owning Your Space
  • Setting the Energy Around You
  • Relationships: Energetic Interactions
  • Mockups: How to Create Your Life
  • Connecting to Your Spiritual Resources

Contact Alan to register for an upcoming class.

Essential Energetics 5 Week Class

New Class in Fall 2018

You are an energetic being; human and spiritual. You work everyday with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies because they are who you are.

Become fully conscious of your spiritual, energetic, Essential self. Learn practical tools for creating your life consciously, for you. Clear and heal your human self. Choose when and how you interact with others. Create a life of Joy and Love living from your Essential self.
This profound experiential class will help you:

  • Energetic Awareness
  • Energy Body Anatomy
  • Clearing and Releasing
  • Internal Guidance
  • Mindfulness and Presence
  • Effective Boundaries

Come learn this and more!

Ideal for health care professionals, human resources personal, or for use in personal relationships of all types. Open to all levels of previous experience.

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