Words Evoke Energy

Evoking Energy

On a summer evening I stand in the temple. The heat of the day is slowly cooling, the sun lowering over the trees and mountains casts a warm yellow glow. This echoes off the wooden floor in front of me. I stand in front of the tree that mediates the energy of the constellation Scorpio, whose principle star is Antares. One of the Royal stars of ancient Persia, Antares represents the veil between the worlds of life and death, the place of the setting sun, and the letting go of things that no longer serve.

The Sun is in the constellation of Leo and the full moon in the constellation of Aquarius. We are setting a container for tonight’s full moon celebration using the four Royal stars at the cross-quarters, rather than the usual principle directions. In turns, we call the energies of Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut, into the space in front of us. As I evoke Antares in Scorpio I physically feel their energies come from behind me and land in the space. This is the calling of actual energies into the space, where they will be available to all during the ceremony tonight.

Standing in our power, connected to our Self speaking of the sacred is an evocation; Spirit will become present with us. “When two or more are gathered in my name, there I will be also”, has been spoken by more than one master. The more we cultivate our Essence, walk our spiritual path, become aware of how Spirit co-creates with us, the more power there is in our words. In ceremony in a temple, or having a conversation about web design over coffee, the things we speak of are evoked (called into a space) and/or invoked (called into us) by our words.

The other night I was reminded of this power in a dream. It can call in Spiritual powers to walk with us, to be present for ceremony, healing, or inspiration. But it will also call in energies of things that don’t serve us. Speaking of past experiences, we evoke their energy into the present, as well as re-energizing memories in our own mind and being. If these experiences were painful or distressing, not serving in some way, that is what we will call back into our lives. We must be careful of what energies we evoke into the present, as we will carry them forward into the future.

Intention is important; so is emotional charge. When we have not released the change on past events, we must be careful how and where we speak of them. Casually complaining may have unintended consequences. Ego boasting of how bad something was, even more so. In a ceremonial or therapeutic container these things can be spoken in a way to help release them. Even then we must guard against indulging in negativity that will only keep us stuck in old patterns.

Own your power to evoke eneries into the world. Knowing you have this power practice paying attention to how you use it. Perhaps even making notes for a while. Notice if there is room to shift to a more consistently positive stance. Be patient with yourself, but also persistent. Focusing your creative power increasingly on your true intentions, you will create more of what truly serves you.

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