Following Natural Magic

Cool air lightly brushes my arms as I breath in twilight freshness. Out for an evening stroll with my Beloved, frogs, crickets, and cicadas serenade us with a tapestry of natural rhythms. My heart opens as my mind relaxes. I am present.

Natural Light Show

To the south the sky is shading from blue to black, a backdrop for a pageant of planets that arc across the sky. Venus shines brightly, a jewel against the eggshell blue of fading sunlight over the western mountains. Jupiter sails after her against a darker background. In the south Saturn, most distant of these celestial lights, sparkles highest up the sky. Towards the southeast fiery red Mars is rising, as clouds blow past him. The waxing moon, that was a crescent above Venus ten days ago, is perched above Mars tonight.

My Beloved and I are alive to the evening, our senses in conversation with the magical/spiritual aspects of the natural world, walking out into the mystery and magic of Being. In an open space we pause to consciously soak up the richness these experiences. I notice a fullness in my chest, some ball of fear that is pushing me. In the natural spaciousness thoughts of distant concerns are triggering me.

Facing the moon and the arc of the planets spread above us, I focus inward, downward, connecting with my core, anchoring into my body. I breath. Shortly I move, dancing on the earth, feeling my connection to her. Dancing myself down into my body. Stamping, rocking back and forth, jumping up and down. I’m focused on the spaciousness of my Being, while allowing this ball of energy to expand, to flow, to release.

Feeling clearer after a while we walk on. I pay slow attention to my feet, each step, as I am slightly giddy. The moon is casting shadows in front of us. The fear has moved through, like the clouds passing over Mars, and I feel only Joy now. It expands out of me, including my Beloved, the frogs, the shaking aspen leaves, the smell of wet earth. I am back in the magical conversation. Amazed at the sounds, the smells, I move slowly now to allow myself to experience each piece of the world more fully.

How have I gotten here? Being open to the moment, open to Spirit and the magic that is always present, permeating ourselves and the world, is part. Letting go of mentally reaching out into the world, so I can be present right here and now, is part. There are lots of things out there to engage with. People to heal, friends to connect with, issues in the news. But for now, I have let the celestial and earthly beings bring me to the place they live and play. A spiritual place where magic is natural.

Finding my Self, my core, I find Joy, I am Love. There is power in the experiencing of small things, in this place of Being. Power is not out there, not in the engagement with our fears, not in the mind, but right here, right now, in our Selves.

The practice is always to be present with what arises. But never let go of the Joy, the Love. Even, especially, for excitement. And for all the shadowy feelings that arise, bring the Joy and keep them company. They will surrender, transmute, and fade. If I engage them directly, try to fix them, argue with them, persuade them, then I am wrestling with the tar baby. My power goes out, and I fade into fear and unconsciousness.

Let the natural magic guide you to your Being, which is Joy, is Love, and you will be in your power. Live always from that place.

(© 08/2018)

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