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Deeper Paths, Life Journeys

You are called your inner world to discover and birth yourself as the powerful spiritual being that you truly are. It may be in joy and curiosity or frustration and pain, but you are ready to make positive changes in how you experience Life. For deeper explorations of a specific issue, or a general exploration of the potentials of being human, this is the place for you.

Weaving: 1) motivation and intention

2) courage to step into the process

3) a safe container, and a higher level of consciousness

4) neutrality, compassion and non-judgement

co-creates the alchemy of personal transformation.

C.G.'s story: I wanted to thank you from my heart and soul for always being a "safe place to land" for me. Your energy is always pushing me outside of my boundaries but also always providing a sense of safety for me... Read more...

Pathway Options

Mentoring: for deeper topics, life issues, [e.g. anxiety, overwhelm, depression, spiritual connection, major transistions, relationship skills, setting new life priorities] an ongoing series of mentoring sessions may be appropriate. The length and frequency of sessions is determined in discussion with the client, depending on the client's goals and situation.
Appropriate for deeper exploration of existing conditions, developing new resources and life skills, or moving into new levels of creating a self-defined successful and fulfilling life.

Group Mentoring: continuing exploration of energetic work after a class has completed.

Potential benefits

Contact Alan to explore the suitablity of each option for you and your goals.

Energetic Mentoring

We create an individual space for you whereever you are on the spectrum of personal growth or change. It is held in confidence and safety, grace and amusement. In it we co-create an evolutionary spiritual process unique to you and your journey. We may explore and utilize energetic tools and processes, trance journeys, inner guided processes, and ceremonial techniques.

Energetic Mentoring is something that flows from my heart and my life. I offer it to people who are wanting to bring all the tools I know to bare on living their lives in a more conscious and empowered way. It may be a learning space, or a processing space; a place for inner exploration or outward applications. It is a place to discover more deeply who you are and claim your ability to show up in the world as that deeper/higher Self. You will create resources, clear limitations, open spiritual abilities. You are supported as you practice walking in the world as a conscious spiritual being. Releasing what you are not will bring grace and ease to living what you are.

Which if these best describes you? Which is your path?

Which potential benefits of these paths resonate for you?

When you feel you are ready to start your journey, please fill out the Exploratory Questionnaire to apply for a free 30 min consultation.

J.M.'s story: Thank you for being my trusted guide on my journey to myself. We travelled far across some pretty rough terrain and ended by dancing with my soul and breathed new life into every organ. More stories...

Mentoring with Alan offers a unique fluid blend of trance work, and energetic guidance.

Energy tools: We are all energetic beings, interacting with each other and the world around us all the time. We are also usually not fully aware of these processes. I will help you learn fundamental tools that will allow you to become more aware. These tools are simple, yet powerful and quite effective in everyday life.

The following topics are core benefits of these tools.

  • Grounding
  • Boundaries
  • Working with guides
  • Energetic clearing
  • Intuitive perception

Trance work: Working in deeper/higher levels of awareness, you can explore aspects of yourself that are usually unseen or unheard. Learning to work in mixed beta-theta states you will find sources of inner strength and guidance that allow you to harmonize yourself, make new choices and recreate your life.

Inner trance work is an endless field of exploration and learning, but some of the more common forms are:

  • Connect with guides and your Higher Self
  • Understand and organize your inner voices and sub-personalities
  • Regression journeys into childhood or past lives
  • Spiritual journeys for learning and growth

Trance work as co-creation: Just about 5 years ago...I experienced a deeper trance, letting go more than I ever had before, and the process was just happening for me, to me. I was playing with dolphins in the ocean and then out in space and they were laughing as they always do... More...

Fill out the Exploratory Questionnaire to apply for a free 30 min consultation.

Group Mentoring

Groups include both guided meditations and support/study for those who want something inbetween a single series of classes and ongoing individual mentoring. These groups are a place to share a journey of growing awareness with like-minded individuals.

Member's Story

My meditation practice improved in an unexpected way after I attended one of your intuitive meditation groups. Using your visualization prompt, I am now able to transition from the "busy mind" into a relative tranquil meditative state quite easily and pretty much at will. Even when my mind wonders, I'm able to return to the meditative state with relative ease. I am now very much aware of the flow of energy and how I can use it to improve my well being. The resulting improved meditation process has made me want to meditate daily and reap the many benefits of the practice. Thanks for your help and I look forward to working with you again soon! - DG Longmont
For more feedback...

Contact Alan for details about registering for a group.

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