My Philosophy On Reading and Healing

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys


There are many spiritual and energetic healers, and each of us has our own perception of the work, our own gifts and limitations. I work in the way that comes to me from spirit and that comes out of my experiences, personally and as a practitioner. Here I outline my current understanding and approach to the process as best I can. With the caveat that I am always open to spirit showing me new ways to work, it should give you some feel for what you may experience in working with me. If this speaks to you and your process I would be honored to work with you.


The prayer that sets the energy at the start of a reading refers to “spiritual growth, awareness, understanding and amusement”. This choice of words is purposeful. The ultimate goal of the work that I do is spiritual growth and spiritual freedom, helping others along their path. In practice this involves addressing various manifest aspects, such as jobs, relationships, abundance, etc.

Awareness of the full situation or energy from a spiritual stance allows us to begin to work effectively with it. This is always the first and important step. Awareness gives the possibility of conscious choice, and conscious choice is freedom. So the first goal of a reading is to provide information and awareness. Often this is enough to start the healing process all by itself.

With awareness comes understanding, which is useful for growth, and perhaps more importantly for forgiveness, for letting go. The insight into how a situation has grown or developed, what our role is, or the role of others allows us to begin to rise above it or to step outside of it. This is not understanding how someone else has “done it to us”, but how we have worked with the universe to give ourselves a chance to learn and grow. What does it all look like from the place of spirit?

Amusement is a great tool for finding neutrality, or realizing when you have got there. It is a state that is near to spirit, where we can laugh at the complexity and silliness of the dramas that we create for ourselves in the manifest physical world. Grounded, but not serious, it allows us to take a step back, or to recognize when we have done so, moving out of attachment and resistance. Finding neutrality we are neither chasing, nor running away, but are centered in who we are. This place allows us to heal, to forgive, to let go and move on.


When I read or do healing work I focus on present time, what is the energy right now? What energies are in or around your space? Which of your aspects are you as spirit working on? What energies are there to help you or possibly to hinder you? The present is where we create from, where we make our choices, and to be there consciously allows us to release, to heal, to consciously create our experience, to bring the people and situations that we want into our lives.

As the present is generally an evolution of the past, or may contain past energies that have been carried forward, we will often touch on the past. The focus however is on understanding the present, bringing your energy up to date, and releasing energies set or stuck in the past. Often an understanding or insight is helpful in releasing something that is being worked on in present time, but we always bring it back to the present and the goal of gaining greater freedom.

When I work with past lives it is likewise with the intent of addressing the present. Whether you have actually lived these lives or whether they are merely allegorical, they can speak to your present in useful ways. The ones that show up are usually either causal, in the sense that the present situation was set up or grows out of something in that past life, or you are in the process of remembering information or skills that you have worked with before and have need of at present.

I don’t work much with visions of the future, as that is not my gift. This does not mean that I can’t address the future, but I do so mostly from the standpoint of the present, because this is what I usually see. Also I believe that the future is fluid, and depends on our choices and other people’s choices in the evolving present. This is the blessing of free will. We can make choices. Therefore while I might see that things are headed in a certain direction, you may choose to change course, or someone else may.

I can read the energies of people, places, or organizations and look at how they match, conflict, or complement each other. I can look at energies, beliefs, and pictures that are involved, either in your space or otherwise, that are affecting a process, situation, or relationship. Extrapolating from the present yields possibilities, even probabilities, but not, I believe, certainties. In this way I give you information so that you can address issues and the make decisions to take you where you want to go.


Likewise I tend to focus on you when I am reading. Even in relationship to others, a job, or a life situation, we look at what is your picture, your lesson, your role? In interactions we each have our own role, often our own view of the whole affair, and this is what is ultimately important.

In this life we can, in the end, only be responsible for ourselves, only heal ourselves. We must do our own work (though we may ask for, and receive, help, or even grace) and we must let other’s do their own work. It is our reactions that we can control and most profitably work with, not the actions of others. Understanding the other person’s role may be helpful for understanding your own, or for finding neutrality, and will be addressed as far as it supports your process, but it is often less important than we think to getting to the places we want to go.

I can also work with other spirits, embodied or otherwise, with their permission of course. In this case though it is on the basis that they are my “client” in the process even if they are not paying the fee. I am glad to help you gain insight into the situations of loved ones, when you are trying to support them or understand your role in a situation or relationship.
Your Empowerment.

While I may share my understanding and experience, as well as my ability to perceive energy, and even outline what I see as possible choices, I will always encourage you examine it all for yourself and make up your own mind. My goal is to help you take ownership of your life and being, not to tell you what to do or how to live. I aim to empower people to take ownership of their journey or process, so I will often teach you basic tools that you can use for yourself.


People have energy bodies, as do animals, plants, and places. Groups, including pairs, and organizations also have an energetic aspect. These energies can be read, as can the energetic relationships and interactions. With permission, and to the extent that the owners agree (at least as spirits) I can assist in the processes of release, transformation, or calling in of energies that are involved in healing or spiritual growth. This can be done for all the entities mentioned above.

While I do not specialize in medical intuition, and am not formally trained in the medical arts, I am glad to look at the energetic aspects of physical or mental imbalances, diseases, or injuries. This is not meant to replace the advice and assistance of trained medical professionals but may prove beneficial in understanding a situation or in assisting the healing process.

In reading or healing there are two stages. The first is being aware of the energy through inner sight, sound, feel, or knowingness. This I find to be generally accurate. The second is understanding, or interpreting that perception. This is a process that tends to involve more of my own experience as a being in my current body. Sometimes what something “means” to me may not be what it “means” to you. So it is important to check what I say against your own understanding, memory, or feeling.

My experience is that we can all benefit from having some one help us at times. Even experienced energy workers find it is often useful to have a friend or college say hello to something that they are trying to clear, or hold space for them to safely work on something themselves. I enjoy working with people at all levels of awareness and experience with spiritual and healing work. Whether you are just beginning to say hello to your own space and being as a spirit, or have been consciously walking on your path for many years, I would be honored to work with you.

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