Engaging the Enchanted World

Enchanted World

What is the beginning? Being. And from Being all things come. The creation of the Universe is an ongoing event. Just ask the cosmologists. Creation happens within an aspect of Being condensing into form. Being is always there, underneath, in between, behind, surrounding, and within. When Being births a desire into form and matter, what it creates is not kicked out into the wilderness of a random, uncaring, manifest mundane existence. Being is still present. Always.

As human beings we have mostly forgotten this. Rather, we know it deeply, but our attention has been caught up in the web of the mundane, the quest for physical control and survival. While part of us knows the presence of Being, part of us is asleep, dreaming a different dream within the one dreamed by Being. We are capable creators, and so we dream our dream and think it is the only reality. Focused on the dream of the ego/mind, we have lost the ability to be aware of the larger dream of Being. Even though it flows around us, through us, sustaining and nourishing us in spite of our indifference.

In the ego dream of the modern world, we have staked everything on our independence, our autonomy, our separateness. This movement had benefits, but has been carried too far. We are meant to learn to be sovereign, and then integrate back into the larger dream. The hero’s journey involves a phase of separation and consequent discovery, but is only complete when she returns to the community, bearing the treasure of new wisdom.

We have collectively gone deeply into the places of separation and autonomy. Unless we can return to the larger whole, reconnect with the larger dream of Being, we are lost in a collective delusion.

The world is enchanted, it is sacred. We are sacred, no matter how lost we have become. We are always the children of Being, nurtured and supported in the Universal womb of Consciousness. It is only our perception that changed. What we are looking for is literally in our hearts, in our cells, in our atoms.

The whole universe is in constant communication, from atoms and particles, to photons and stars. We live in a web of quantum energetic flow and interaction.

Practice: Pick up a small object. Let it rest in the palm of your hand. Give it your attention, from a place of gentle curiosity. Let go of what you think you know about it and open to feeling. Notice the awareness that occurs. Listen. Remember a time when you felt Love, gave unconditional regard, appreciative attention, or connected with Joy. Feel it in your heart now. It is a state of Being your heart knows. Let it radiate to this small object in your hand. Notice what you receive.

Choose to do this anywhere, anytime. Just because. The object in your hand is already infused with Being. It is enchanted. When you experience it from Love, giving attention and appreciation, it becomes sacred in your experience. Because you have chosen to experience it that way. You are remembering how to have a conscious conversation with the Universe, with Being. This conversation inherently enchants and makes sacred. The more you practice, the more your world will be magical, joyous and sacred.

Gratitude for playing. This is the most important thing we have to do as human beings: Open to what already IS.

(© 05/2017)

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