Human Resonances

bell resonance

Sing a note. This is perhaps the most basic of human resonances. Pick a sound and a pitch. Play with them freely and there will be a specific place in the vocal system that feels natural and easy voicing that note. Try moving it up and down in pitch, or changing the sound, and the easy place will shift to a different place in the body, throat or head.

Resonance is the foundation of perception and communication, both human and throughout the physical world. The ears vibrate with sound frequencies. The eyes are tuned to certain optical frequencies. The body feels various vibrations in bones and muscles. In order to be able to perceive something there has to be a resonant perceiving organ of some sort. A radio or television is tuned to receive the frequency of a specific station, otherwise the signal passes on by. Different animals see frequencies that we can not because their eyes are tuned differently. Some feel pressure or electric currents.

Physical objects have inherent resonances based on their shape and material. These are frequencies that they effortlessly vibrate, or energize at. The strings on a guitar or violin, have a specific weight, while their length is defined by where we place our fingers. Bells ring specific notes based on size, shape and material. Wind instruments have holes that define the length of the resonant cavity.

Resonances determine which frequencies are emitted when energy goes into a system, but also determine which frequencies are most easily received, or perceived, by that system. At resonant frequencies energy is very easily transferred, sent or received. When people are toning together, they can feel when they are at the same note, because there is an effortlessness to it. You can hear, or almost feel, it lock in, and know that energy can be sent back and forth easily. There is a fascinating sense of almost physical touch and communication there.

Human beings have physical senses, various parts, and internal spaces, which all have their own resonances and abilities to send or receive vibrations. We also have emotional, mental and spiritual aspects which also have resonances. These levels can also send and receive, feel in-tune and harmonious, or discordant and conflicted.

We see a color because our eye has the capacity to tune to that vibration. We can feel another person’s emotion because our emotional body can tune there. If we can’t or won’t feel something ourself, we can’t perceive it around us either. Where we place our attention in our mind or emotional body, is like where we place our fingers on a guitar. This may be a conscious choice, or the result of habit or trauma, where the attention has been fixed somewhere until it is released. Where our attention is in our being, there we are tuned and resonant.

Holding patterns of energy in our being, we vibrate there, potentially or actively, both sending and becoming more sensitive to similar frequencies of thought or emotion in other people. Freeing the attention by clearing these fixed patterns, especially those that don’t serves us, allows greater freedom of expression and more freedom to choose what we perceive; give our attention to outside us. Like relaxing stuck places in your throat when singing.

Bodies are like the broadcast antennae for the music of the Soul. Clearing things that are not our true nature, we can tune body to Being, and the expression becomes effortless, like resonant notes when toning. Clarifying perception and communication, we become internally harmonious and resonant; living from the song of the Soul.

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