Introduction to Energy Healing, III: Karma

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys

In earlier parts of this series (I,II) we introduced the main concept of the human energy body, discussed basic aspects of how we create or acquire vibrational distortions (or pictures) in this body, and how judgement, which gives rise to attachment is the glue that keeps them there. Our spiritual and healing journey is one of coming to places where we can release these vibrational pictures, where we can become neutral, finding non-attachment, and let them go.

The dance and drama of our lives, of “karma” is all the means to this end. The only judgement involved in karma is our own self-judgement that things are good or bad, which causes us to keep them in our energy space, or hinders us from releasing them. The cycle of rebirth is due to needing to come back into a body to allow the pictures to manifest so that we can let them go. It is not that we have been bad, but that we have energetic work to do. How and where we come back are not punishment or reward, but a matter of setting the stage to work on certain specific energy or pictures.

The universe helps us to create situations that allow us to work on releasing our pictures. This occurs often by mirroring, in which people reflect back aspects of ourselves, often ones that we have trouble with. So those people who annoy us the most do so because we carry energy that we are reluctant to experience, energy which these people match. When we can release what we are holding in judgement in ourselves, not only do we get a part of ourself back, but the annoying people either go away, or we find that they no longer bother us. There is no button for them to push any more.

Other times we find ourselves in situations that challenge us to work through our fears, or to bring out the strengths that we have kept hidden from ourselves, often in reaction to other peoples judgements which we took too much to heart. It seems that lessons that come too easily are often repeated on another level, until we come to fully appreciate what it is we are achieving.

The metaphor of the tuned string, or perhaps that of a radio helps illustrate these interactions. When we have a picture in our space it has a certain natural vibration or frequency, and acts much like a piano string or a tuned antenna. When it is active and vibrating it broadcasts, and other spirits with a similar “string” become aware of this. Likewise if the vibration is in a potential, unactive state, like a still string, when someone who is vibrating at that frequency comes by we pick up energy by resonant transfer, and our picture is activated.

In this way we interact with others that are similarly tuned. By broadcasting we attract others who are vibrating in the same way (or perhaps an opposite way), while as receivers we are sensitive to those who broadcast.

The vibrations that we hold are often not in consciousness, especially if they are associated with the “negative” emotions, or we have judged them negatively. So when we fear anger we tend to attract and be sensitive to anger. Perhaps it is even our own anger that we fear, and so we avoid it at all costs. But it keeps showing up around us. It is there to “wake up” our own repressed anger. When we are able to address and release our own anger, then we are no longer tuned to it, and the whole dynamic changes for us.

The healer or the spiritual counselor plays the role of assisting their client in arriving at understanding, so that they may work with these natural processes and events, and at compassion for oneself and others, so that forgiveness may usher in the ability to let go. They are there to provide a safe setting and tools for moving energy. Then one is able to vibrate in a wider range because we are no longer stuck on a few notes. Releasing all the energy that has been stuck in our being we become clearer, lighter and more whole, more of who we are as spiritual beings.

(© 11/2001)

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