It’s OK to Receive

Breathing in and letting go we renew ourselves with oxygen and life force several times a minute. Give yourself a deep, easy, breath, feeling the flow of life force through your body as you breathe.

Drinking water, juice or tea, we renew the inner sea that lives within our cells and veins. Give yourself a drink, one of many today, feel it slide down your throat and spread out in your belly. Consider the movement of tides and the flow of your blood.

Eating nourishing food, we supply our body with the atoms and transformed sunlight that make it up and keep it moving. Give yourself a fun snack and imagine the molecules and atoms spreading out to your cells, for a while, until they recycle back to the earth.

The energy of the Sun and the matter of the Earth, flow through you all the time, sustaining your life, as all life is sustained by flow. Your body receives these and creates and powers your physical form from them.

Your being is also supported by flows of spiritual energy, from the Earth and from the Heavens, that constantly replenish your life force. Weather you are consciously aware of them or not, they are there for you, unconditionally.

Just as the Sun is always shining on the Earth, these energies are always flowing from Source to Ground to sustain our beings. Just as we sometimes put up an umbrella or go into a building where the Sun can’t follow, we sometimes believe in mental conditions that hinder these flows.

While spiritual energies are always there for us we have to receive them. The air is always there for us, but we also have to breathe. Mostly we breathe without thinking, but it may be shallow, or constricted in many ways, or we may in tense moments forget to breathe, unconsciously holding our breath. The same can happen with the flows of life force.

You all know the airline instructions about putting your oxygen mask on first, then helping others. This is true for your spiritual energies as well. They are there unconditionally; no frequent spiritual miles needed. Allow yourself to relax and open to them, nourishing yourself. Then you can save the world.

It is easy in the midst of dealing with the physical changes and problems of life, especially traumatic ones, to forget to breathe. There is such an urgency to get things done. But we need to gently take care of our selves, to replenish our batteries, to let in a little TLC. You can do this and still get things done.

Sitting still for a minute or two, feel the Earth below you, beneath your seat, under your feet. Settle into her, release your burdens, notice her support and receptivity. Imagine the sky and space above you, and a flow of life force, with whatever qualities you need, flowing endlessly, gently, unconditionally, down over and through you. Breathe it in through your crown and flow out your feet, let it fill your body with your favorite color of light, or quality of sound.
I’ll invite you to stay present, don’t check out or go to sleep, rather allow your self to energize and come alive. Unless you need to sleep, in which case you can do that too.

Allow your self to receive without condition, without having to give back. Allow yourself to receive even while you are still in motion, still taking care of business, you don’t need to wait for a long break. Recognize the forces of the universe are always feeding you, invite them to flow into you anyway you need them to.

You are always connected to the flow of life. Breathe it in.

(© 10/2013)

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