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Recently I was sitting in a council circle. As I started my check-in on recent events and experiences, I saw/felt my intuitive guidance linking several ideas together. I am used to having this happen when I work with my clients, or even thinking to myself. This was a new level of letting the question resonate in my mind as I formulated the answer, and having new input show up in response.

I have learned over the years, when searching for answers, the key is to pause my cognitive processes, long enough for inspiration to show up from other levels. Pausing creates a space, an invitation, into which spirit can manifest insight. This is true when conversing with a friend as much as when asking something of your guides or of your soul.

In our society we value goals over process and answers over questions. While goals and answers do have value, process and questions are also important. Until you ask a question it is hard to get an answer. Moreover, in science you learn, that asking the right question is the key to getting a useful answer. Of many possible answers, which ones are useful and even relatively true for your specific situation and circumstances? Anyone who uses search engines on the web knows there is an art to framing a query that will yield the answers you want or need.

I have been thinking about questions a lot lately, because it is part of what I have always done. Sometimes for myself, sometimes for others, sometimes on purpose and sometimes unconsciously. I like to ask questions. But then I have to pause. If I have asked you a question, I need to pause so an answer can arise in you. The question is an invocation of your wisdom and knowing, perhaps unconscious, or superconscious, until my asking guides your attention there.

Sometimes I do this with myself. Often I’m just wondering about something. True curiosity is invaluable. When I create that space of wonder, and sit in it, ideas, images, thoughts can drop in. However you experience your answers, a question focuses your attention on something, creating space for your Self or Spirit to gift with a response.

In my speaking to the circle, what dropped in was a teaching about questions. I had been speaking about birthing and creative processes, how I sometimes get stuck in the middle of manifesting something, feezing half way across a single log bridge when the body fear kicks in. This echoes my own birth experience.

In the circle my guidance said, let the question be your vehicle!

Rather than fearing the place of not knowing and getting stuck there, let it be expansive and joyous, full of curiosity and possibility. Your question becomes the vehicle that will carry you through, or across. It opens the space for creation, transformation and rebirth, for the answers that are better than you could have figured out of imagined to show up directly from Self and Spirit.

View the question as a vehicle rather than an obstruction. A vehicle that runs on curiosity and wonder, trust and openness. It will help you birth the full glory of your Self and of Spirit into your life, and into the world.

(© 7/2013)

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