Intention and Boundaries

Koi Pond

When I was first learning about energy tools we did an exercise about the power of centering and focusing our intention. Imagine yourself in a supermarket. Make it a large one, full of people around 5:00pm. Imagine that there are things you need, but you don’t have a handy list with you, so you are walking the isles scanning for them. Notice what is happening to your attention. Notice how your body feels.

Now pause, imagine closing your eyes, letting go of all the sensory input, letting go of all the feelings. Breathe deeply and bring all your attention back to the center of your head. Give yourself a grounding cord, connecting the base of your spine to the center of the earth. Breathe in clear air, fresh energy, calm and easy. Release everything that you notice pulling your mind and attention. Breathe in ease and grace focusing all your attention gently in the center of your head.

Imagine returning to the grocery store. This time give yourself a grounding cord and collect yourself in the center of your head. Imagine you have a focused intention and a clear sense of what you are after, walking the isles directly to where you need to go. Notice how you feel this time, and what emotions arise. Use your breath to keep returning to center when your attention wanders.

Sometimes I walk into a big crowded store and I feel overwhelmed; sensory overload. So many things all packaged and displayed in order to stand out and grab my attention. Many people at a hurried time of day creates turbulent swirls and eddies of emotional energy. If I have a clear intention and know what I’m after, I can ground, pull my aura in, center and do what I need to do. If I’m wandering around looking for things or trying to remember what it is I wanted, then it’s much harder to keep my space clear.

There is a direct relationship between having a clear intention, or purpose, and having solid boundaries. It is hard to have clear boundaries with other people, or the world in general when I am uncentered and searching. To receive something I want I inevitably open myself up. At the same time my attention moves outward, catching at one thing after another. While my attention is scattered outward, everything around me is coming into my space. This feels overwhelming, disorienting, and sometimes downright funky.

When you are clear in your purpose, you are clear about who you are. Being clear about who you are you are naturally seated in the center of your being. Even when looking for something, you observe from a balanced place. Fully present within yourself, there is no searching, or opening up; no spaces needing to be filled; boundaries become easy and effortless. You can visit family, attend a party, go shopping, or write a news letter and not get lost. Knowing yourself inside allows you to more easily hold solid boundaries.

The next time you are feeling lost or scattered, overwhelmed or out of sorts, pause, breathe, ground; find the center of your head, the center of your being. Release anything that doesn’t serve you, including mental spinning of all sorts. Notice your personal space is clearing, your being is becoming present. Refocus on your intention and purpose. Let it arise within you. When things are clear, then reengage, your boundaries will be solid and you can navigate cleanly in any situation.

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