Manifesting from Balance

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys

Imagine yourself standing outdoors, naked feet rooted into the earth, through the grass, into the soil, drawing sustenance up from the body of our planet. Give yourself a gentle breath, down to your feet, into the ground and back again. Releasing the out breath, follow it up into the sky and open your awareness to the heavens above, the air that you breathe, and the stars beyond. Breathe cosmic energy back into your being. Receiving sustenance from both, feel fully and completely alive.

The Chinese sages spoke of the Nameless Tao giving rise to Heaven and Earth, from which the interaction of Yin and Yang generate the ten thousand things. The universe we live in is characterized by duality and polarity. On all scales from the Galactic to subatomic, the dance of the separation and attraction of opposites provides the necessary creative tension for the manifestation and evolution of physical forms and of life.

In the spaces between the polarities energy flows; from source to ground, from hot to cold, from light to shadow, from Sun to Earth. The first thing a dividing nucleus does is to polarize itself, creating a space and a field that defines the structure for the doubling of the DNA and the formation of a new cell. As a human being you exist in the biosphere, the thin layer between Heaven and Earth, rich with the web of Life, supported and protected between bed rock and atmosphere.

On the human scale the feminine and masculine are expressed in form as male and female, but are vastly deeper and more general. Being fundamental aspects of the Divine, they exist in, and makeup, everything that is created and manifest. Life and matter are like a bar magnet, which has a North pole and a South pole that cannot be separated. If you cut a magnet in half you will have two magnets and two sets of poles. Until you get to a single electron, which cannot be divided, but has still two poles. Yin and Yang in the manifest universe are interwoven on all levels like a fractal image.

Have you ever tried to define the masculine and the feminine? Only the human mind tries to simplify matters. Like hot and cold, masculine and feminine are generally relative. The same temperature in the fall that feels chilly as you go into winter, feels warm and balmy as you come into the spring. Let any human quality sit in your mind’s eye for a while and you will realize that each has a masculine expression and a feminine expression. We know that the masculine protection of the father and the feminine protection of the mother are qualitatively different, and yet they overlap, reflect, and complement each other.

As human beings whether you are in a female body or a male body, you are comprised of both masculine and feminine. From our atoms to our emotions, and our thoughts we are comprised of both. As spiritual beings we are not limited by duality but are capable of being and expressing everything. As a human expression of that complete spiritual being, you have access to it all. The question is simply, what serves you as a being? How do you choose to express your essence through your particular body?

The masculine and the feminine are not only universally interwoven, but they are always in a general if inexact balance. Whenever, and wherever, there is an imbalance there will be a process to correct it, like the lightening. This striving towards balance and unity is how things are created and come into being. The ongoing dance between low pressure and high pressure in the atmosphere, driven by the energy of a spinning Earth, gives rise to all of the infinitely varied weather patterns that we experience. The imbalances are transitory and always relative.

At times there may appear to be a dominance of either the masculine or the feminine, but if a pattern is lasting there will be a less apparent dynamic that keeps things from being as out of balance as they seem. Whenever there is a true imbalance, forces will come into play to correct it. Remember that as human beings, there are physical levels, but also energetic, unconscious as well as conscious. A matter of outer seeming moving in one direction, may be balanced by an inner/unseen aspect moving in the other. It is a complex evolving web that we weave, both in our relationships and within our selves, but at the foundation the feminine and the masculine are always partnered in the dance.

The light that travels billions of years across the breadth of the universe from a dying sun until it comes to rest in your eye is the co-creative dance of electric and magnetic fields. Feeling into the Earth again, notice a flow of life force available there. Imagine receiving her energies up through your feet into your being. Feeling into the sky and the heavens, there is another flow coming from above. Imagine yourself receiving the life force that radiates from Source into your crown and down into your being. Like the dancing fields of light, these flows of life force mix in your chakras, generating your life force, your Light, which we also call Love. Feel the singing, dancing, interplay of life force flowing through your whole human being, in your atoms, in your cells, in all the energy centers, in your emotions and your mind, you are a weave of masculine and feminine energies making love to each other, giving birth moment by moment to you.

There is a place where the polarities come together where everything is available and possible. It is much easier to create from that central part of you that is connected to the unmanifest, that is formless as the Void, than it is to reshape and mold things that are already manifested. But we only get there we have healed our own internal divisions, our own internal arguments and conflicts and learn to make love in and with ourselves. Internally this means the yoga/union, of the right and the left, the intuitive and the analytic, the head, the heart, and the belly, the conscious and the unconscious, integrated into the whole being that you are in Spirit. The more complete we are in ourselves the easier it is call in or manifest appropriately in our lives.

So dance on the earth, under heaven, centering in the deep essence of Self; play with the dynamic balance and integration of masculine and feminine within your Self. In wholeness your visioning will be unified, and your intention clear. In forming your intention, the visioning part is relatively mental and masculine, though you’re also using your intuition. Bring in your feeling now, the emotional sense of the state of being that resonates with your intention. Though clarifying, forming, and energizing your intention is necessary, the process is still incomplete. You must release it into the universe and cultivate a receptivity to allow it to come back to you. Creating a space, in your Self and in the world to receive your creation, like the cell creating a field as it divides, you must hold an energetic womb welcoming the growing form of your creation. This more globally feminine aspect of manifesting is often neglected.

Being receptive requires presence and patience. You must release it to Spirit, and although cannot simply forget it, it is crucial to avoid the mental energy of worry, of effort, of forcing things. This is a dance of finding your certainty and trust that the universe is co-creating with you. It is necessary to release fear but also excitement, the relief side of fear, which will almost as completely break apart an incoming manifestation. The dance may require for you to do a few things along the way, or at least pay attention to the early signs of possibilities and potentials, but with patience and no attachment. Watching the pieces come and go, with as much equanimity as possible, until your vision has fully landed.

Cultivating healthy conscious relationships with both your feminine and masculine aspects and, a dynamic cooperative relationship between them, is the human homework for learning to manifest easily and powerfully. I once did a ceremony in a sacred place, the last part of which was a calling in of the divine masculine. I assumed that my human mind has a limited vision of what that might be for the 21st century, so I invited Spirit and my higher Self to show me, trusting that I would receive what was appropriate. A few days later dear friend of mine did some body work on me and when she was done commented that she had noticed a new masculine energy coming into the right side of my body. I thought it was pretty cool that she could validate that I was already receiving what I had asked for. But she continued; mentioning that she could see the feminine energy on the left side of my body reacting to the evolution of my masculine energy, checking it out, and beginning to adjust. If one changes the other will also.

Life is whole, complete, and dynamic, as we adjust or heal our masculine aspect or our feminine, the other one will also naturally adjust and evolve. This is true both personally and collectively. All creation is co-creation between the polar aspects of manifest being, between humans and spirit, men and women, masculine and feminine. I am excited and curious to see where this journey will lead, how will we learn to make love? to co-create, together and internally in the coming times?

(© 5/2014)

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