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Meet Alan

From My Heart to Yours

I am a weaver of right and left, spirit and body, masculine and feminine. I am a creater of sacred space for myself and others, a gatekeeper into the heart of the universe, who can hold space for you to discover your own deep self and integrate that into daily life. I will gently challenge you to open, expand, grow and heal, while providing a powerfully safe space to follow whatever comes up for you.

I love helping you experience who you are as a spiritual being, dropping into essence and finding the eye of the hurricane where things are still, calm and powerfully, vibrantly, alive. Standing there, it is easier to have compassion for the emotional and mental levels of your self that are still holding on to fear. With compassion these parts naturally melt and transmute. In that place you are not alone, but are supported by many levels of your own Being and by Spirit.

I work as a spiritual guide, energy worker, teacher, writer and ceremonialist. I would love to walk the next leg of your journey with you and to help you discover and own the new ways of Being that come with awareness of Self and Spirit. Together we can explore the places outside of your story, where you are a bright brilliant being, who can write or rewrite your story anyway you choose.

I believe that all lives can be lived infused with the spiritual qualities Joy, Amusement, Grace, Ease and Love.


The Conventional Version

Alan H. McAllister, CCHt., PhD-phys., is a spiritual mentor who helps people to realize their full potential as spiritual human beings.

Alan has practiced working directly with energy through Tai Chi and Yoga for 40 years, and also has experience with the energetic arts of Rieki (master level), Aikido, and Shiatsu. He has studied energy and energy psychology with intellect and intuition, mind, body, and spirit, personally and professionally, for over 30 years.

Alan has spent 23 years studying and in practice as a Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer, starting with a 2.5 year program at The Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder CO. He teaches practical tools for working with the energy in your space and in relation to others. He can help you develop your psycho-spiritual awarenesses and remember how to live from higher aspects of yourself.

He trained later in Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapy at the Colorado School for Counseling Hypnotherapy in Longmont, CO, and has been certified as a hypnotherapist by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy since 2005. He practiced as a therapist for 12 years, before focusing exclusively on Mentoring.

For 10 years he studied and practiced the Path of Ceremonial Arts at The StarHouse in Boulder CO, where he co-created many seasonal ceremonies. These practices continue to inform his personal and professionnal life.

Alan is also solidly grounded in the science of energy. He received a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Texas, Austin in 1991. He spent roughly 15 years working as a professional researcher specializing in the dynamics of solar magnetic fields and their effects on the Earth. Visit Alan's Solar Physics page if you are interested.

Alan believes strongly that we all have unique experiences as human beings physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Therefore we each have our own path towards both divinity and our own true self. He looks forward with enthusiasm to meeting and working with those individuals who can best benefit from his insight and compassionate support to help guide them on their journey.

You can learn more about Alan's approach on the articles and essays page, and sample former client's experiences on the testimonials page.

Contact Alan for your free consultation.

Whole Being Explorations, LLC®

WBE is dedicated to researching the nature of being human on all levels from the physical to the spiritual and to the application of the results to healing and spiritual growth and transformation.

WBE provides educational and mentoring services to assist you in learning to be aware of, and master, all the levels on which you exist in the world; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This is a great explorative journey which is a unique adventure for each of us.

WBE is particularly interested in transcending dualities, the old labels of intellect and intuition, mind and heart, male and female, or physics and metaphysics. The integration of these aspects, in the spirit of "include and transend" is a central theme.

In particular we are all faced with the challenge and opportunity of being spiritual beings living in the physical world. How can we realize all aspects of who we are and bring these forth with enthusiasm and strength into the world we live in? This deepest form of Sacred Union is our core interest.

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