Solar Eclipse

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys

Solar Eclipse

The Sun and the Moon are approaching a powerful rendezvous.

They do this once a month, though at an eclipse they meet more closely than usual. At each new moon she goes into the dark. Darkness is part of the Yin, the deep feminine. Not the darkness of contracted emotion, but the darkness of space, leading to the Void. That source of potential, from which all manifest things are born.

A solar eclipse happens when the moon invites the Sun to join her in darkness. The Moon knows how to go into the dark without fear, unveiling sources of creativity in the midst of deep shadow. At the new Moon the stars are most visible. Points of creation within space. Producing the matter that makes up the worlds and the life that lives on them. Like the dot of Yang in the Yin side of a Yin-Yang symbol, the stars are masculine source points in the midst of feminine space.

Our star, the Sun, is the source of energy that powers Life on Earth. While it goes out of sight each night, it rarely is shadowed like the moon. At eclipse the new Moon passes in front of the Sun. In her darkness she covers the Sun and leads us into the Solar shadow. Except the Corona, which still shines around the edge of the moon. The Corona is the solar magnetic field, full of gas, and lit by the Solar radiance from below. Usually we can’t see it because it is much less bright than the direct radiance of the Sun. During total eclipse it shows spirit white against space.

This eclipse is happening as the Sun approaches Solar Minimum, that part of the 11 year solar cycle when its activity is lowest. This means that the corona will be dimmer and less structured than it would be at other times. The Sun is going into the darkest dark that is possible.

During the full darkness at the heart of an eclipse we also see the stars, all the other Suns. These points of creation and inspiration, shine brightly in the darkness of space. The dark is not empty, but full of Spirit. It is the face of the Void within which exist Unity and Creation.

While the Void is the source of both Masculine and Feminine, approaching it through the dark feels more uncomfortable to the bright masculine. Going into the Void, all forms, all doing, fade and dissolve. It is a journey of releasing old forms to find new ones. Personally it requires releasing the form of the ego.

The deep feminine inside our hearts can help us to navigate the shadowed aspects of the masculine. It knows how to move through the fears that arise. It knows how to release old form so that new form can be born. The journey into darkness reveals all the fears and angers, all of our own inner shadows, personally and collectively. This is potentially a good thing, if we can recognize them without judgement, letting them resolve and transform.

Normally fears and repressed emotions push us back from the dark, keep us from approaching the Void. This is in part how our egos maintain separateness, maintain their identity. But when we can move through the fear we find a death on one level, but a rebirth into another level. The Christ showed us how to die in the flesh to be reborn in Spirit. Mary Magdalene was his feminine guide, as the Moon is the Sun’s. Turning our gaze to the stars and the corona, we find the light within the dark. We see that Source is still there even in the deepest night.

As we emerge on the other side, the ability to manifest from Light will be abundant.

Practice: Perhaps you have noticed old shadows surfacing in your life, personal or collective. This is the reflection of the eclipse, the power it has to bring healing. Focus on the points of light in your heart, then in all hearts, and let the waves of darkness roll by. The Moon leads us into the dark and she will lead us out, into the Light of the Sun and into the Light of the new Lunar cycle as well. Refocus from what seems dark to you, to what seems light; the stars and corona in your life. Go into your heart and surrender your fear, invite the Love that is always within you to shine there. Surrender you self into the Void and discover the stars that are there to bring into your life.

(© 08/2017)

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