Compassion and Resonance


Human beings are like an orchestra. Many different instruments, melodies, tones and vibrations sound through our energetic body/being at any given time. Physical, emotional and mental registers are like sections of the orchestra. When these are in harmony, in tune with themselves and each other, we experience coherence and joy. When they are out of tune, in disharmony and pulling in different directions, we experience dissonance and pain.

Meeting another person is like meeting another orchestra. All the possibilities for harmony and disharmony that we have within ourself are expanded by the larger number or relationships possible with this other. In a concert hall the interactions are mediated by sound waves. With human beings they are mediated by frequencies of emotional, mental, and spiritual energy.

Harmony is related to resonance, two things vibrating at the same frequency, or related harmonics. Beyond the musical advantages of harmony, resonance is important as the foundation of perception. The resonance of receptors in your eye to frequencies of light, of the fibers in your ears to the frequencies of sound and of the substance of your being to the frequencies of emotion, thought, or spirit.

Multiple frequencies that are mutually in tune, resonant or harmonic, can physically vibrate your organs of perception at the same time. Frequencies that are not in tune, will be trying to vibrate the organs of perception in incompatible ways. This causes physically or energetically painful dissonance. What we can resonate with, we can perceive and come to understand. Otherwise it is painful, or simply not perceived at all. Listening to another person, common experience is allows the resonance necessary to understand as well as to hear. A resonance of feeling like this may be called compassion.

Resonance also allows transfer of energy. When two things are in resonance energy moves easily between them. Entering an emotional resonance is the basis for transference and counter-transference, in which emotional and mental energies can flow back and forth. This can be useful when consciously managed (which is subtle) or potentially damaging. It is paradoxical that without certain levels of resonance we cannot understand (or even hear) another person, but with too much we become tangled in energy flows that obscure clarity of understanding and hinder healing on both sides.

Traditionally compassion is associated with emotional resonance. Spiritually, compassion involves awareness and understanding, and like mindfulness, also acceptance and appreciation. The ability to let things be what they are. Being present with another, witnessing them, creating a positive space of acceptance and appreciation for them, without condition. This kind of compassion is at the core of healing, because this space allows for transformation. The aspects that need to can unpack, complete, and release.

This presence is a spiritual/energetic presence of the soul. A soul holding a field of unconditioned regard. Within that field all sorts of things can happen, and will to the extent that the client is ready and willing. It is a space of safety and non-judgment. There is a certainty that the other is also a soul that is whole and perfect, although the personality may be working through some things. When one person can anchor this spiritual state of being into their body and let it radiate, the other soul will come into resonance with it and healing will take place.

At the soul/spirit level resonance can facilitate something more than transference and counter-transference. We can teach by talking about states of being. This is a pointer or signpost until the student has had that experience themselves. The power of working in the inner world (meditation/trance) is that one may experience spiritual states of being directly, returning with that experience to everyday life. The body/being has been to the new state, and this helps to return, to cultivate it.

The resonance of two spiritual beings also allows an even more direct method. If I can hold a positive state which you may be wanting to learn, your being will be aware and at the soul level can copy it. You may want to know how to ground and release old emotions from your space. I can talk your through the process. I can invite you into a meditation and lead you through the process. When we are in resonance, I can ground myself powerfully and your being (not your mind) can perceive and match. This is a direct experience without words or translation of any kind. We can communicate and learn soul to soul in a way that is simple and yet powerful, subtle, complex and deep.

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