Spiritual Leverage

Moving the World

I stub my toe and it hurts. I see a rattle snake and I am afraid. Someone in my family transitions through death and I grieve. I encounter a new idea and am eager to explore it. All these reactions are part of being human; physical feelings, emotional states, mental pictures and beliefs. When the engagement is deep, the emotional charge lingers in memory and colors the way we perceive our world. Molding our personality, making up what we usually think of as who we are.

As embodied beings we are constructed to pay attention to these experiences.Those that have the largest charges are the ones that seem closest to our awareness and loom largest in shaping our lives. Evolution has built this into us for purposes of survival, but often these old imprints out live their usefulness, distorting our experiences in unhelpful ways. In the present they keep our attention on things that do not serve our well being.

Archimedes said “if you give me a lever and a place to stand I can move the world”. It is hard to move/change the world when you are caught up in the experience of it. But when you step outside of it, rise above it, connect to the Light and Love that is your essential being, then you have leverage over the everyday things. In that place you are larger and you have a place to stand from which you can transform your experiences of living in the physical world.

From the spiritual perspective physical experiences recede. The physical levels of being are farthest from Source, farthest from the core of our Spiritual being. In Spirit what is closest to us are the consistent experiences of Love, of Peace, of the Quiet Strength that is who we are as Spiritual beings. Part of us always exists there.

We are the physical manifestation of spiritual energetic emanations from the Divine. As is the rest of the universe. From thoughts in the Cosmic mind, the patterning of form passes through all the levels of existence until it embodies in the physical. This projection is not a single creative event, the Soul entering the body and then being cut loose to fend for itself. Though it often feels like that to our human consciousness. Cosmic projection is ongoing, supporting the physical form as long as it exists.

Our human attention is caught and focused on what is close to us, making it seem important and large. When we begin to walk our spiritual path, we begin to become aware that there are other levels that exist. As we open to them they allow us to shift perspective, to choose more broadly what is near and what is far, to give our attention to the Spiritual properties and aspects that have always been there. With spiritual awareness, we can step back from experiences and memories that do not serve us, gaining leverage over them. With perspective on what is truly large and what is small, we can rearrange the pieces in our world, bringing close that which serves us and letting recede that which doesn’t.

Remembering that we are the children of the Divine, projections from Source, we can free ourselves to engage this embodied world in a powerfully different way. We can bring Light and Love to all that we are and all that we experience, increasing Joy and Abundance for all.
(© 4/2016)

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