Easy, Effortless and Graceful

If you have worked with me you may have heard me invoke the qualities of Ease, Effortlessness, and Grace for your process. I do that in part to remind you, your Self, and Spirit to take things easy when you are making big changes. As spiritual beings we can move very fast (effectively instantaneously) but our physical, emotional, and mental aspects which exist in the manifest world of time and space generally appreciate a gentler approach, allowing them to adjust easily, effortlessly, and gracefully to the powerful changes that your spirit is making.

In spiritual work releasing and clearing old energies and patterns is not the only aspect, perhaps not even the most important. When we move into a new house we clear out all the old things that don’t belong to us. We may also sort through our own belongings to see which ones we are done with and which we wish to move with us. The major part, especially if it is a bigger house, is selecting the new things that suit ourselves in our new home.

As you evolve along the spiritual path, however you conceive of it, it is important to be looking forward to where you are going, opening to who you already are. In healing work, or in the mundane world, this involves developing resources that will assist on the journey; cultivating aspects of yourself that have been forgotten, but are always there; deepening into who you know yourself to be; and connecting to spiritual guides and other resources. If you are building a new house you want the best tools, so that it is as easy, effortless and graceful as possible.

Once you have chosen them it is important to learn how to locate and work with your new tools. Amusement is a great example, as “Everything goes better with amusement”. You will have heard me invoke amusement whenever I do a reading or healing, because it helps you step out of fear and lubricates the healing processes. In Harry Potter there are creatures called Bogarts that appear to you as your greatest fear. The way to deal with a Bogart is to add something to the picture that makes it ridiculous, which dissipates the fear and the breaks Bogart’s power.

Wanting to bring more amusement into your life: you could take the “straight up the cliff” approach by invoking amusement in the situations that are scariest for you. You might find this challenging, especially if you wait to try this until you are actually in that situation. Easy, Effortless, and Graceful, suggests that you can practice and develop your amusement where it comes naturally to you, where you already have it. As your ability to consciously access it in one part of your life increases, you are building muscles and you can call it up in other areas that are more challenging. Over time you will become so familiar with amusement as a state of being that you will be able to move into it any time and any where, no matter how challenging the circumstances.

You are cultivating a state of being and learning to access it without effort. It is actually already a part of you, as are confidence, courage, compassion, abundance, joy, or any other quality that you desire to have more present in your life. Set your intention, find the easiest places, where the quality you want more of is already manifest for you, and practice it before you need it. By starting when and where they are already easy, effortless, and graceful for you, you develop your new qualities and states of being deeply and effectively. Have fun practicing.

(© 12/2010)

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