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Hypnosis as Co-creation

Just about 5 years ago, in a breakout during my Hypnotherapy training, I experienced a deeper trance, letting go more than I ever had before, and the process was just happening for me, to me. I was playing with dolphins … Continue reading

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Balance in Creativity

Imagine that you are planting a seed in moist fertile soil. You stick your finger into the ground and make a small hole, you drop in the seed, add a little water and cover it over. The seed is received … Continue reading

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Essential Joy

Over the holiday, with family here, it became clear to me that the essential thing was for us to be connected. After all that is what Christmas, Solstice, Hannukah, and the other year end festivals of Light are about, being … Continue reading

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Relationships, Space, and Spirit

Whether its because Valentine’s Day has been on the horizon, or the moon in the 7th house of relationships, aspects of relationship have been showing up all week. I have written before about the value of viewing a relationship as … Continue reading

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