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Sunlight Reflections

Take a moment and remember all the places you’ve gone swimming. Remember all the swimming you’ve done out doors, in sunlight, where the water is shallow, clear, and you can see the patterns of sunlight on the bottom. It might … Continue reading

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Balance in Creativity

Imagine that you are planting a seed in moist fertile soil. You stick your finger into the ground and make a small hole, you drop in the seed, add a little water and cover it over. The seed is received … Continue reading

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Positive Intentions

In the post-Secret world we understand that setting intentions is a key to manifesting the life that we want. One of the key rules for intentions is that they need to be set in positive terms, like affirmations and hypnotic … Continue reading

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Maximum Options

It is well known that when visualizing something you want to create, or attract into your life it is important to leave as many doorways as possible open for spirit to walk through in answering your prayer. When it comes … Continue reading

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