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Hypnosis as Co-creation

Just about 5 years ago, in a breakout during my Hypnotherapy training, I experienced a deeper trance, letting go more than I ever had before, and the process was just happening for me, to me. I was playing with dolphins … Continue reading

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Finding Love within Yourself

I had a teacher who spoke of the difference between being in love with someone and simply being in love. The egotistical love of self is a emotional/mental affair in which we are focused on the beauty of our personality. … Continue reading

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Embodying Soul

It used to be that I might occasionally visit my higher Self, or it might drop round for tea. These days my higher self is knocking at the door, and wants to move in. Perhaps you’ve noticed this as well, … Continue reading

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Holding the Center

As in the old Chinese curse it seems we are living in interesting times. Whether they are driven by the forces of galactic evolution, or the mass psychology of the human species, or both, or something else, we have everything … Continue reading

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