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Unconditional Gratitude

I invite you to call up the feeling of gratitude. Allow yourself to remember a time, in this life or another, when you were full of gratitude for something that happened to you. Don’t think about it, just allow your … Continue reading

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The Magic of Trees

Growing up on the east coast, mid-atlantic, there were lots of trees. Big trees: oaks, beeches, maples, and many others. Old trees: some that had lived for hundreds of years. I loved the trees then, but they were everywhere and … Continue reading

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Being Your Bliss

Joseph Campbell famously suggested that we follow our bliss. This is often taken to mean finding the thing that you love to do and making a career of it. Making a career out of something you love to do is … Continue reading

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Coming to a Pause

Many years ago, I was living in California and found myself in circumstances that led to embarking on a trip to the orient. In preparation I gave away or loaned out to friends everything I owned, with the exception of … Continue reading

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One Step at a Time

I was up in the early morning headed for the airport at the start of a trip to the east coast. A cool summer night, a quarter moon rising, and my son excited about starting his new adventure in college. … Continue reading

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