The Magic of Trees

Growing up on the east coast, mid-atlantic, there were lots of trees. Big trees: oaks, beeches, maples, and many others. Old trees: some that had lived for hundreds of years. I loved the trees then, but they were everywhere and so my relationship wasn’t very conscious, except for a few massive old maples or oaks, whose presence and age where palpable even there.
Later in California and I met the redwoods. I was older and beginning to wake up a bit, becoming consciously aware of the energy of things, and when I had the chance to walk in the redwood groves I could clearly feel how their energy affected me. Its a grounded and rooted energy of certainty and being, which allowed me to relax, to let go of the busy human energies of the cities, finding stillness and peace. Much of this is their nature, but I suspect that some of it comes from age, from perspective, the patience and certainty of time.
Now I live in Colorado, part of the world where trees are fewer and smaller. My favorite tree at present is a big cottonwood behind my house. When I sit by it and it helps me ground, to center and release. Its leaves shade my house in the summer. Its branches provide home to birds and squirrels. I can touch it and feel is roots deep in the earth, as deep as the branches are tall, it bridges the upper world of the air and the underworld of the soil.
When I do readings there is a dark green energy, like the pine trees in the mountains here, that I think of as tree energy. It is calm and grounded, quiet and still. It is an energy of listening and being, rather than doing. In this way it is a healing energy, because we all need to be listened to without judgement, simply witnessed.
It is the energy of the center post, of bending in the winds, but holding firm. In its being a tree provides shelter, shade, food and home for animals and birds. For us as well if we choose. In its clear and present being it can instantly help us ground, clear and find our own being and space. Try it sometime soon. Small children will calm down around trees, as they instinctively match their energy. Allow a tree to give that to you.
The trees can also talk to us, especially the old ones that carry their own wisdom. This conversation may translate into words, but it is mainly on other levels and you will feel it or know more than hear it. Allow yourself to receive, to open and learn, trusting that this is something that serves you.
Perhaps you already have a tree that grows near you that you have a relationship with. If so take time to say hello again. If you feel moved you might give it a little food or drink. Something you have made yourself, that has that love of making in it, even a simple “making” is best. Be grateful for the gifts the tree offers you. If you don’t have this sort of relationship, you might explore initiating one. Take your time and you will know the proper tree and it will know you.
Exploring the energy of trees and forming relationships, their magic will always be available for you to call up. All their qualities live in you, they just remind us, and remembering you can invoke them for yourself whenever you choose.

(© 7/2011)

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