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Falling into Grace

Remember some time when you were able to fall gladly and wholly; into someone’s arms, into a pile of leaves, or of pillows, into water or through air, allowing your body to feel itself surrender completely to the pull of … Continue reading

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Relaxing into Life

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. I’ve often noticed that laziness is another good stimulus for creativity. In other words, if something has to be done why use more energy or effort than necessary to … Continue reading

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Sunshine Daydream

Its a beautiful warm summer afternoon. We’re in mid October now, so the sun isn’t too hot, but the sky is deep blue, with a few clouds drifting through on lite breezes. Since it is October and we’ve had our … Continue reading

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One Step at a Time

I was up in the early morning headed for the airport at the start of a trip to the east coast. A cool summer night, a quarter moon rising, and my son excited about starting his new adventure in college. … Continue reading

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Let Nature Feed Your Soul

I recently spent several wonderful days in the mountains of northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. Leaving schedules and cell phone behind, I moved into a space more of being than of doing. I found myself wanting to simply sit … Continue reading

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