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Unconditional Gratitude

I invite you to call up the feeling of gratitude. Allow yourself to remember a time, in this life or another, when you were full of gratitude for something that happened to you. Don’t think about it, just allow your … Continue reading

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The Web of Sunlight

The Colorado foothills are especially beautiful this year. Green and lush from the heavy spring rains they are spotted with the color of wild flowers. The day before the Solstice I was assisting a ceremony in the foothills above Boulder, … Continue reading

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Starting Point

We are all familiar with the metaphor of water finding the easiest way downhill. It always seeks the lowest level, flowing naturally to find the fastest route to the sea. When it meets a boulder this means going around it, … Continue reading

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Traveling Light

Have you ever had a dream in which you have left something somewhere and are trying to find it? It might be clothes, or a backpack, or a person; but something that feels important to carry forward. Perhaps you can’t … Continue reading

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The Flow of Abundance

Last year, about this time, I co-hosted a showing of the movie “The Secret”. It was something that happened a number of times as viewing it with a group always seemed like a powerful and fun way to appreciate the … Continue reading

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