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Words Evoke Energy

On a summer evening I stand in the temple. The heat of the day is slowly cooling, the sun lowering over the trees and mountains casts a warm yellow glow. This echoes off the wooden floor in front of me. … Continue reading

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Chains of Love

Some years ago I had a conversation with my mother about parenting. She told me straight out that it had been (and still was) her job to make sure I was prepared for surviving in the world. This involved instilling … Continue reading

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Fire in Healing and Transformation: Fever Dreams and Star Births

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys published in Shakti Yogi Journal Fevers often seem clearly to be healing processes. They come for a day, with few other symptoms, and then they pass. Occasionally they are part of a more serious process … Continue reading

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Seeing an Iris

Its a beautiful summer day. Walking along a neighborhood street, the mind is occupied with something it finds important. A little attention is scanning the scene; eyes brush across a bed of purple irises, move on. There was an iris … Continue reading

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Duality of Form

The sun in the constellation of Virgo shone on the nearly full moon which, sailing through the constellation of Pisces. The creativity and water energy of Pisces pouring into the structured earth energy of Virgo, with human Earth dancing balanced … Continue reading

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