Duality of Form

eclipse: ego and form

The sun in the constellation of Virgo shone on the nearly full moon which, sailing through the constellation of Pisces. The creativity and water energy of Pisces pouring into the structured earth energy of Virgo, with human Earth dancing balanced in the middle. This time the Earth gets in the way there is a total lunar eclipse at the moment of fullness.

Creativity moves from Spirit as inspiration, imagination, and insight, but to become more than dreaming it has to be received into physical form. As with all the dualities in the physical world there is a tension and yet they must weave together to produce a final manifested result.

Working to connect with Spirit, in spiritual practices, forms are a helpful guide when you are starting out. When we want to experience Spirit as our higher Selves, forms and structures, in fact all mental constructs, must be gradually released and transcended or they tend to become a hinderance tying us into the mental world of concept and form.

The mind being attached to its role in creating them, hangs on in ways that limit our ability to relax into Spirit, which is at Source formless. The closer we come to Source the simpler and more formless our being and experience becomes. The highest levels of Samadhi are without form, without attribute. The mind must be left behind if we are to play in those fields of being.

As we return from the ocean of consciousness to inhabit this physical universe, coming back to our human body and mind, we are tracing the pathways of all manifestation from Spirit, landing back into form and structure. To be human, to touch a tree, to watch an eagle soar, we need the structure of our body, our physical senses. To hold an idea or have a conversation we need the structure of language and mind.

All creations in the physical world have a form to embody their Spiritual essence. This is the province of the artist, the poet, the inventor, to create the proper form to embody the inspirations emerging in their mind and brain, pouring them into words, into color, into plans and finally metal, wood, and stone. Once they have experienced their Essential Self, he spiritual practitioner similarly uses the forms the body and mind to receive it, so their Soul can participate and share in this human world.

What may be a distraction on the path into Spirit, something that however useful must be transcended and released, becomes an essential tool when we are returning to our human life. To come to the heart of our Selves we must let go and transcend, but then to return with the fruits of our journey we must pick up some of that which we let go of, using it to serve the expression of what we are in Spirit.

The dance and balance is knowing when we are doing each, when to let go and when to create. When the ego of the mind shadows the flow of light from Pisces towards Virgo, Source light is blocked from the temple of the body and we have an eclipse of Spirit in physical form. Then the moon moves on, out of shadow, shining out brightly in the sky again. With awareness and grace we also release ourselves from egoic attachments to form and come back into the light of Spirit, connecting to Self and Soul.

(© 4/2015)

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