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Duality and Sacred Union

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys published in Shakti Yogi Journal A Jumping Spark is Birthed A photon birthed in a star in the early universe, ten billion years ago, radiates outward into expanding space. Crossing all the time and space … Continue reading

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Being Love, Owning Power

A beautiful fall day. Brilliant blue skies make all the colors pop, especially the dancing golden yellow leaves of the cottonwoods. The warmth and beauty around me resonate in my heart. Its easy to feel it filling with light, with … Continue reading

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Attention and Energy

When there is pain in your body it is hard not to focus on it. However your attention is known to enhance the pain. We naturally resist pain, but our resistance actually increases its experienced intensity. Most of our perception … Continue reading

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Reducing Resistance: Following the Wild Geese

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys published in Shakti Yogi Journal Flying geese, a long V in the sky over head, winging north in the renewal of spring. Long distance flyers whose main ally is the air beneath their wings, but … Continue reading

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Celebrate Life

Celebration is the action of recognizing and marking the pleasurable nature of some important event or accomplishment. One might also say that it is a state of being, validating that in this moment it is good to be alive, feeling … Continue reading

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