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Living with a Full Heart

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys The heart is said to be the most powerful muscle in the body. Energetically, each time it beats thousands of neurons fire, creating an electric pulse, which induces a magnetic pulse that is measurable well … Continue reading

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Talking to Nature

All summer long I’ve been taking time to be in nature. When I’m by a stream, in the mountains, or just lying on the grass near my house; I let the mind quite a bit, open my heart and feel … Continue reading

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The Web of Sunlight

The Colorado foothills are especially beautiful this year. Green and lush from the heavy spring rains they are spotted with the color of wild flowers. The day before the Solstice I was assisting a ceremony in the foothills above Boulder, … Continue reading

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Sunshine Daydream

Its a beautiful warm summer afternoon. We’re in mid October now, so the sun isn’t too hot, but the sky is deep blue, with a few clouds drifting through on lite breezes. Since it is October and we’ve had our … Continue reading

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Amusement and Soul

I’d like to invite you to remember something amusing. Perhaps something you saw, or did, or heard. Now deepen that feeling, set your intention for a fuller experience of amusement, and let go. Distill it down. Notice the images or … Continue reading

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