Where the Light Is

The full moon emerges large and red from the plains of Colorado. Rising rapidly up the sky, through thin layers of cloud out on the eastern plains, she becomes lighter, brighter and more focused. Behind her, dimmed by her brightness are the stars of Scorpio, send their vibrations down to earth mingled with her rays of reflected sunlight, making them available for us to work with.

The energies of Scorpio include qualities of the unknown or mysterious, of deep emotions in the hidden places of our being, or things dying and being transformed. The moon is shining into these spaces, allowing us to see more clearly what gifts or jewels may be available in the usually unseen parts of ourselves.

The evening reminded us of the story of the Mullah Nasreddin and his keys. You have probably heard some version of it. One night Nasreddin has lost his keys on the way home and is looking for them under a street lamp. His neighbor inquires and learns that Nasreddin lost the keys out in the dark, so he asks why search under the lamp? Nasreddin explains that it is the only place he can see.

In spiritual or personal work we will limit ourselves severely if we only look where there is already light, if we stay in the bounds of what is known and comfortable. So if you had anything a bit uncomfortable come up last week, perhaps the moon was shining some light in a new place for you.

Several days later I spent a wonderful afternoon working with some horses. It was a bright day and I was wearing my sun glasses. My regular glasses where in a case which I assumed I had left in my car. That evening, up in the mountains, I couldn’t find them. I asked if I had left them in my friend’s office after the horse work. She said no. So I was left a bit more in the dark than usual that evening.

Several more investigations of the car did not discover them, even after I removed all the rest of my gear from the backseat. The next morning I looked all over for the case. Perhaps it had fallen out of my back pocket? They were not out in the field where I lay in the long grass. They were not in the lost and found, or the arena where we worked with the horses. They were not in the grass where I had parked my car.

Finally I gave up, but checked my car one more time. Not in the back, again. But as I climbed in to look between the front seats, I glanced across the passenger seat, and there, down by the door post, I saw a corner sticking out.

While I had been looking all over outside, they were right at home in my car. While some times you have to look in the dark for your keys, the only place you can look for the Light is in your own heart. It is there all the time, even if you don’t see it at first. My clear glasses where in my own space the whole time, not in the field or the barn.

This morning I lay in bed meditating on the light in my heart. Later I went up the mountain again, and under a crystal blue sky I found myself entranced by the amazingly beautiful world around me. My heart, wide open, danced with the world. When you find your Light inside, then it is reflected back from everything outside as well.

(© 6/2014)

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