Creative Filtering

Have you ever gone shopping for something when you already know exactly what you want? In the grocery store these days its in and out. In a store that has sales people you may still get someone running through a whole list of related items that they think you might want, ought to want. Occasionally these are useful, but mostly not.

If you know what you want and stick politely to your guns you will be fine. When you are not quite sure what you want, then its harder to fend off the extra information and helpful suggestions. You may go in for a shirt and walk out with a whole suit.

We are individual human beings, but we are not isolated from the rest of the world. We need/want various things, information, and emotional connections, just as we need air, water and food. When we go looking for something, or uncritically receive something that happens along, it is easy to get more than we need.

This is not about someone else being ill intentioned, it is about knowing what you want. The more clearly you know what you want the easier it is to get just that. Much of the time we don’t know exactly what we want, or we are exploring, or responding to someone else who wants to gives us something.

So it is important to give yourself permission to set filters, energetic screens that allow in what you need and weed out the rest. Take reading a book. Critical reading means that in some form you are scanning what you read to see if it makes sense to you, or if it is useful, resonant etc. You may be intellectually correlating it with other things you have read? You might be emotionally checking in to feel if it resonates in your heart?

You might think its just words, but there are whole layers of beliefs and assumptions, even emotional content, that can come with those words. Do you want the authors whole life view in your head? If yes, fine; if not set an intentional filter to limit what you take in. You can do this without knowing consciously exactly what that is either. Your body/self, higher Self and Spirit will work it out for you.

Its not about who you like or don’t like. Its about what’s useful or resonant.

Similarly on the phone. You might want or need to listen to someone, but not want to take on all the emotional content that comes with the words. It can be very important to set a filter on the speaker or line. I often use the image of a rose, because I like roses. But you can use whatever works for you, just be sure to set the filter outside your personal space.

Even what comes down from the unseen levels, should be filtered, especially until you have an established relationship. Not everything that comes out of spirit is useful or relevant. But your body/being can tell you if it’s resonant for you.

Be creative, but be simple. The key is that you have the right to choose, and if that intention is strong, the universe will back it up.

So rather than fighting with that sales person, just set a filter, and like an anemone in a flow of ocean water, cull out what you need and let the rest flow by. When you have what you need, thank them and go about your day.

(© 5/2014)

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