The Flow of Abundance

Last year, about this time, I co-hosted a showing of the movie “The Secret”. It was something that happened a number of times as viewing it with a group always seemed like a powerful and fun way to appreciate the movie, and was a great way to spend an evening. This particular evening after everyone had left I went upstairs to my office and looked out the window. The streetlight in front of the house was illuminating a thick steady snow fall, sparkling flakes driven down by the wind.

I had the clear sense that this was a picture of the universe’s constant shower of love, energy and gifts, that is always available when we learn to be open to it. It was especially clear when I let my mind go and just felt the flow and pattern. This was an image of the flow of energy from the universe. What a great lesson. I find that having such a concrete experience is easier to call up when I need to remember the feeling of love, gratitude, and abundance. Perhaps you have a special experience that embodies this for you. If not call one in, and be alert for it. Then experience it deeply in your being and use it to nurture that state in yourself, in which you are relaxed and blessed even if the external forms are a bit crazy.

Recently, a little over a year later, many things have changed, and I have been thinking about that night and trying to remember that feeling. Perhaps the unusual absence of snow so far this year, or the changed life situations have made it more challenging than it was then. Until tonight.

I am helping to hold space for a powerful group of women doing ceremony. They are inside. Around them, outside in the mountains on a cold winter night stand a ring of men. Part way through the ceremony it starts to snow, and I feel again that sense of blessing, of being showered with the flow of universal energy that is always there if we can allow it, open to it, and let it flow rather than try to trap it and contain it. I felt doubly blessed that the universe is reminding me: see I have not gone anywhere. I am still flowing with abundance and blessing for you. In fact now you are feeling it on your face, not just watching through a window! Experience this with your whole being and remember!

I am now warm in the cold night, my heart opening to receive this blessing as the snow falls softly on my cheeks. I am full of gratitude, love, and joy, standing in the flow of the universe.

(© 12/2007)

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