When Spirit Calls

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys

Have you ever had your soul or Spirit suggest a course of action to you? Spirit may speak to you in many ways, but the message is usually repeated two, three, or more times, often in different forms. If there is doubt, feel into how your heart and soul react. Allow yourself to imagine that it is possible (no matter how improbable). You know it’s your soul by the feeling; an expansive, joyous enthusiasm that is the mark of who you deeply are.

The mind, however, often balks. The suggestion doesn’t make sense, or you don’t know how to do it, or what the process will look like, or it’s just plain overwhelmed and scared at the idea. This can happen for things that may in fact be scary, but it also happens for things that are just “larger” than you are used to living. So perhaps you wind up admiring the inspiration, but packing it away for “later”.

One thing I’ve learned doing readings is that the stranger an image is the more likely it is to mean something powerful for the person I’m reading for, even if I haven’t a clue as to what it means. While I have learned to trust what I am given and speak it so my client can connect to it, I realize that I’m pretty bad about doing this for myself. Would you expect messages from Spirit or your higher self to be business as usual? if they are to change your life they are more likely to seem odd or different or even “impossible”.

When doing soul healing work, even if we created things at the ego level – actually most of what is hanging around is there because we couldn’t handle it at the ego level – it is important to remember that we don’t have to work it from that level. The fact that your ego is nervous is simply a sign that we need to work it from the soul level, with our essential self, golden child, guides and Spirit walking through it with us. Some times we have already developed the resources to do our healing with these internal and spiritual supports. On other occasions you may be ready to work something but would or you may benefit working with someone who can create a safe space, connect you with your support team and literally help you take it to the next level to process and complete.

When we have been called to some action, new step, opening or adventure, by Spirit we need to remember that Spirit will not call us out and then abandon us. The ego will see the task and assume that it has to “do” it, even though it is a Spiritual task, a Spiritual call. When Spirit calls to us and we step forward, Spirit will walk with us, “yea through the shadow of the valley..”. There will be steps to develop the spiritual and internal resources necessary before you come to the main event (if it is that sort of quest). When it is more of a search, there will be other signs. At the beginning they say “step out here”. Later on the next steps will also be indicated or intuited along the way. Remember we are all developing new tools these days. So the process will unfold, you will grow, and your higher aspects, guides and Spirit will walk with you, not simply pitch you off a cliff. That is the ego’s fear.

The ego doesn’t know all this. It assumes (has been taught) that it has to walk alone, and naturally feels overwhelmed, anxious. Then we go into more fear over this projected fear of how hard something will be, when the truth is we simply need to answer the call and continue to follow Spirit through the task or along the journey. When we are called by Spirit a different part of us is being called to show up to answer that call; something more than the ego, more than who you are used to thinking of yourself as. When we consciously connect to Spirit and our Self we are held and guided and don’t have to do a lot of figuring, solving, or effort of the usual sort.

So when your Soul or Spirit calls to you, allow your essential Self to answer. Note the ego, sit with its’ fear, and invite it to take a vacation, reminding it that ego is not being asked to answer, just to allow the adventure to unfold. It is the joyous, enthusiastic, expansive part that is being called forth, and can answer this call. Hold fast to the knowing that you are never alone on a Spiritual journey. Open to the support and ongoing communication from inside and out. Stepping through the fears you have carried in your mind you will find that they evaporate in the light of an open heart in touch with its Source.

(© 6/2012)

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