Healing Perfection

Give yourself a deep breath. Let your awareness follow the breath inward, into your lungs, down into your belly, relaxing and opening your pelvis, settling into the base of your spine. Release this breath and let go. Give yourself another breath and while receiving it deep into your body as before, allow your awareness to focus around your heart. Notice what is there? Catch any reflex reactions, resistance, or judgments and release them. Another breath, opening the body and belly and noticing your heart, giving it space to be.

Perhaps its feeling open and joyous, or perhaps nervous and tight. Keeping breathing gently with the awareness that whatever is in your heart, you are larger than that. Come into relationship with your heart. Hold it with gentle firmness, like an infant, or a child, or your best beloved. Whatever is in that space, embrace it unconditional compassionate love. Feel your heart reaching out to itself. All the longing of wanting to connect, to love and be loved you have ever felt is blossoming in this infinite circular embrace of you and your heart. Embrace that ache and let it lead you home.

Allow the joy and bliss of love and union to unfold and expand into your body, your self, your whole experience. With a small part of you, notice that whatever hardness or pain might have been in your heart before is beginning to yield, to melt, as a child relaxes in its parents arms. Fall into the layers of you and yourself. Your heart and soul, your emotions and your body all coming into alignment and oneness.

As with a child, all rational discussion is useless, simply embrace your heart with compassion and the knowing that everything unpleasant dissipates when held with love. Mentally engaging a “problem” is like Brer Rabbit and the tar baby, we match the energy of the problem and get more and more stuck in it. Release the urges to figure and fix, to be clever and logical, they only arise from the self judgement that something is “wrong”. Wrapping the sense of wrongness in the swaddling of compassion and self-acceptance, all the other bits can sort themselves out.

You are an immortal soul that is rooted in the divine. Cultivate this in your own ways. You are also a human being perfect in your imperfections. Accept this without judgement or defensiveness. The acorn somehow holds the knowledge of the giant oak that it will become. The child is perfectly a child, but also learning and growing into a wiser adult. As embodied beings in this dual world we hold that contradiction of opposites. We are, in part, perfect souls, and we are also imperfect, often wounded, human beings; learning, healing, growing. Like the infinity sign we loop back and forth.

You are already the larger, wiser Self, that can hold all your imperfections in compassion and acceptance, knowing that they are both “OK” and capable of transformation or healing. Consciously connecting to your inner wholeness let it help you to embrace and heal the outer separations. With your inner heart embrace your outer heart, or visa verse, and accepting who you are you begin to transform and transmute, working the alchemy of love and growth, you evolve, you become whole.

(© 6/2012)

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