Walking as Spirit

Consider communicating with Divinity.

Notice what comes up for you when you read these words. In particular is your divinity external or internal? Is it purely spiritual, or does it include the manifest world?

You have probably heard the story of the man on his roof in the flood waiting for God to save him. He winds up dying because he has expectations of how God will show up for him, and passes up several mundane manifestations of boats and helicopters.

The programing and beliefs that we are separate from Spirit run so very deep. There is the body. Then there is Spirit; which exists elsewhere and may become present under the right conditions. These vary widely depending on circumstance and teaching, but there are usually conditions. Which are supported by the mind and its tendency to believe that it can or should do it all itself. It makes so much noise that “hearing Spirit” may become hard, even without limiting expectations.

How often do we find ourselves playing out the scenario where the personality comes to exhaustion, collapse, before we are lifted off the roof and supported by Spirit? Is this really different from those who pray for assistance from the start, expecting it all to come directly out of Spirit for them. In both cases it is an external form of Divinity that aids us.

If you have had an experience where you where cracked open and Spirit arose from within yourself, that is a different matter. That is where we are headed.

Spirit is always present – in everything – period. God is not a Descartean watchmaker. The unmanifest underlies and continually generates the manifest. This is quantum mechanics. As Spirit is in everything so it is in us. We are spiritual beings, not in some distant abstract sense, but right here and now, very literally. You do not have to wait for conditions to be fulfilled in order to walk as Spirit. You do it every day. Being conscious about it is the trick.

Humans are both body and soul, and we are being called to consciously integrate these so that we can walk our lives in a different way. There is physical action, but spirit inspires it. Why should you have to exhaust your body before you engage your spirit? Do you run on your right leg until it collapses before using your left?

Walking with masters, angels or other aspects of Spirit is powerful, but they are trying to teach us that we already walk with Self/Spirit inside us. Spirit is in every cell of your body and all levels of your being, speaking through your heart and knowing, reflecting back from the world around you. The path of walking as Spirit is becoming aware of this, letting your Self work through you.

All traditions teach ways to calm the egoic mind and fearful emotions so that we can experience the spiritual levels of Self. Spirit assists us from outside as well. We are only part of the weave. But if we open the temple of our manifest being for our own spiritual aspects to flow through into the world, we are no longer separate little beings calling on external Spirit. We are living the core truth of all mantras: I AM THAT.

Allowing yourself to become aware of what already is, you come to consciously walk as Spirit, not only around you, but inside your every fiber. Know that this is true and open to your experience of it, now.

(© 7/2012)

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