The Magic of Roses

magic of roses

Have you smelled a rose lately? or communed with nature in some other form; connected with a young child, an elder, or a beloved? something that was magical for you.

Perhaps you were already centered and present with yourself and the magic flowed easily. Perhaps you were a bit wrapped up in other things and the rose had to invite you to center and come present before you could really appreciate its magic.

Your ability to slow down and center, allows you to really experience Spirit-as-rose; openly, with love and curiosity. Whoever initiates this process it becomes a dance between two manifestations of Spirit. As you see the beauty in the rose, your heart opens and you become more present, fuller of love, more your Spiritual Self. As you become more present, the rose will too. Back and forth, Spirit saying hello to another aspect of Itself.

Smelling the roses is usually recommended because it puts you in a better space. You have to stop, let go of the swirl of mind and life, and center in yourself when you smell a rose. Even if you don’t do this initially, the beauty and smell of the rose will invite and encourage you to. You have to become present with yourself to be present with the rose, and that is part of the magic. The rose is beautiful, but it is also asking you to connect to your own beauty, your own magical aspect, your spiritual Self. All this you can receive from the rose.

Now consider, what is the affect on that rose, or other magical dance partner? When you are present in yourself, and appreciate the rose, perhaps with gratitude for what it embodies and the Spirit it manifests, what happens? That embodiment of Spirit-as-rose, becomes more present also. It begins to sparkle with the joy of being seen, being appreciated, being loved. Just as you do when your beloved appreciates you.

When you have danced your dance and leave a rose that you have appreciated, seen as beautiful, loved and perhaps had a conversation with, Spirit is more present, more embodied. This is called making Love. The dance creates a space for Love, Consciousness, Spirit to become more present and visible in the world, waiting for the next person (or bee) that comes along.

Your magical experience leaves a trace behind, as if there is a bit of rainbow light around the rose now. Perhaps the next person isn’t as inclined to reach for the magic, to stop and appreciate, but the extra Presence helps them to see, to connect. So the magic deepens, spreads, grows.

Imagine walking through your day looking for “roses”. Every time you appreciate a rose, a person, or even a garbage can as a manifestation of Spirit, it becomes a little more present as Spirit, a little more magical. You are leaving a trail of magic rainbows behind you wherever you go.

So take some time to smell the roses, for yourself, but also for the rest of us, and for the world. Please. Give yourself this gift of joy and you will naturally leave some behind for everyone else. I wonder what happens if we are all doing this as often as we think of it? Won’t you join me in finding out?

(© 8/2013)

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