Touching Light

You are an energetic being made of light and love. You exist between lives in a place where that is all there is and you are always touching Light. You are you, but you also are connected and in touch with everything and everyone around you, effortlessly; it’s all just there.

Then you come into a body here on Earth. At first it is a very small body floating in a womb and you come and go from the level of Spirit, co-creating it with your mother, slowly becoming identified with it. If your mother is connected to herself and Spirit in a human way then there is lots of room for you to bring your light and play. If she is in pain or anger then there may be less space for your light, you may have to work to bring it with you.

Born into the physical world you will often have even less space to be the bright light being that you are. Most of us lose track and forget. Those who remember, as infants, children, or as adults may feel that they have to fight and struggle to find space for their light. We tend to forget especially that we don’t need permission or validation from outside, because most people around us have also forgotten.

We feel we are looking for space to breathe, space to be. Give yourself a breath.

Back up now to infancy and another point of view. You are alone in the night, or perhaps floating in a dark womb, or out in the vacuum of space. You call out and there is no answer. You reach out and there is nothing. You become angry and try to hit something, but there is still nothing there. Rather than feeling squeezed you have so much emptiness around you that you begin to wonder if you even exist. You reach out in a desperate attempt to simply confirm your own existence.

Breathe, deeply. Ground and find your center. Feel any fear, grief or sadness in your being. Breathe some more. Allow yourself to float in whatever comes up, and to feel the need to reach out in some way.

Now ask yourself: what happens if I let this go, if I just float here in the darkness? Its not going to hurt me is it? Breathe and without resisting, let go.

Bring your awareness into the “empty space” around you. Sense the light that shines from inside the dark. Look into your own heart. Touch the light that is there, the life force. Allow it to well up from inside you, as from the field of infinite possibility that you are floating in. Relax into it completely. Breathe it into your being. Notice the emotions receding, as you invite them to touch the Light.

Once you have found it inside your Self, you can reach out and connect to it in the world. When you are touching the light shining inside you it illuminates the spirit and light in everything and everyone else.

The person who becomes afraid in the water and panics and drowns, has forgotten that by relaxing and floating they are never more than a small movement from the air.

In all our ego efforts to reach out and make contact, to find validation, to get a simple hello, we have forgotten that the light is always in our own hearts. When you pull in your scattered self and look into your Self you will find what you seek and when you look back at the world it will have changed.

(© 7/2014)

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