Bookmarking Balance

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys

The last full moon, the one that was eclipsed, rose the next night in front of the constellation Libra. In the hills above Boulder, co-creating ceremony that night, the energies in the temple were high, with the Sun mediating Aries, intense initiation and mental will. Part way through the meditative phase I was drawn to the pillar that mediates Libra there, and as I touched it a wave of deep energy flowed into me, the balance of Libra. Nearly impossible to put into words, it was dynamic, but deeply centered and reassuring, with a sense of safety and a lack of a need to “do”. Being in this Balance was the place to navigate the Aries/Mars intensity and activity.

I turned across the space and the moon herself was just rising in the east, large and orange off the plains. The same sweet Libra energy was pouring through her gifting all who stood in her light.

It was both a blessing and a teaching, showing us, on a being level, a state, vibration, or atunement, that would be useful in the moment, but also as general resource for any time of forceful change or creation in life. Every so often you find yourself experiencing a state of being that is a profound teaching experience. This sort of grace can happen in nature, in ceremony or meditation, playing sports, or standing in the DMV. Anywhere Spirit can find you.

The first thing I do is drink it in. Relaxing into it as much as possible, opening my being to let every cell experience this aspect of Spirit, which is showing me a level of my own being that is always there, but which I’m not usually aware off. As I open to receive in the moment, I also invite my body/being to bookmark the experience.

Its like taking a photo, but with your whole being. Pausing to say to Self, remember this please. Being present enough with it that all levels of you can remember it. Logging the frequency, anchoring this special state of being, so you can return to it later.

As it is a state of your being this is always possible, even when the original situation has passed. When you go back to the physical place, or meet people who shared the original experience, it will naturally resurface. However, its still alive within you, especially if you have consciously asked your Self to make a note of it. The important thing is not that the ceremony was powerful and “took” us some place wonderful. It is that we allowed ourselves to respond by accessing the Balance in ourselves, remembering that our being could tune to the state of Balance. Once you know where that channel is, your body/being can return anytime by tuning itself there again.

It may not be as “easy” back at home, but it is possible. The return is not something to think your way into, though calling up visual or kinesthetic memories can help. It is a request to your body/Self, which has bookmarked it and knows how to return. Like many things the more you practice this, the easier and richer it becomes. Perhaps you start in a meditation, or on a walk or some other place that supports you. Over time it becomes easier, clearer, and you can tune back to that special state anywhere you choose.

So the next time you are having a deep spiritual experience, or find yourself in a profound place, be present, experience it as openly as possible, receive that blessing, but also say hello to your Self and make a note to anchor it. Bookmark this place in your own being.

Since that ceremony, when I’m feeling that a little Balance would be good, I can close my eyes and call it up out of my body/being. Giving it attention and holding space for it, I call it in, or tune back to it, but it is something that is now alive in me, a special place I know and can return to. If you missed that full moon, and would like some of its energy, set an intention with Spirit and your Self, invite the stars of Libra to show you now, or in your meditation. I’ll add a dash to this letter as well. Enjoy.

(© 5/2014)

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