Making Decisions

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When I started my practice I happened into a part time space. As my practice grew I needed to move. I was going out on my own. That felt good. But looking for office space was also new. There were requirements, physically and financially. There were limits on location. I had to learn how to find out about available spaces. Then there was going to see potential offices, all on time lines. It felt a bit overwhelming.

Spirit gave me a few options, but nothing that was clearly a best fit. I learned growing up to analyze all relevant information, so that I would know that I was making the best choice. Sometimes it’s not possible to get to a clear decision that way.

Finally I stopped trying to figure it all out and just decided on one. I discovered that making a decision felt good. Even if I didn’t analytically know it was the “right” choice. It felt great to just be decisive! There was a powerful energy to making that choice, to trusting myself. I also realized that I could always change it later. In practice it worked out very well.

I wasn’t alone in making that choice. My guidance was there with me even if I wasn’t used to listening to it actively. Since then, I have worked to open a stronger clearer channel. For me it works best to keep the communication very simple. I usually ask simple yes/no questions. I usually hear an answer. For a while I used simple muscle testing. Or I may imagine the possibilities and notice how I feel. How does your body and spirit communicate most easily? Then go with that.

Find ways to play with it. I still play a game about traffic routes across town. Something that is not so important, and where I can get direct feedback. It’s OK that the answers aren’t always “correct”. Or that answers may be ambiguous or change. Or that sometimes I don’t listen.

Over time the communication grows clearer and my trust increases. Over time I calibrate the process. I know that somethings are a matter of timing. I suspect that sometimes it doesn’t really matter which option I pick, so guidance may say yes to all the options. I know that occasionally my guidance tests me, or that what my idea of correct is and what they want me to do may be different.

I’ve worked with listening to guidance. I’ve also deepened into feeling into my heart and the knowing of my body and being.

This works for anything. What food to eat. When, or whether, to say something or hold silence. I once rebuilt a house working with Spirit and guidance. I received all the information and assistance I needed as I needed it. Recently my beloved and I bought a new car. There was a lot of research to do. But I decided to trust my guides and my feelings (and my beloved’s intuitions) and skip much of the analytics. The stress levels were significantly reduced and the process wound up very nicely.

Cultivating that feeling of decisiveness, of simply making a choice in your life, is intimately related to exploring your relationship with your intuitive side. We all have the ability to build these muscles, to trust in ourselves and tap vast resources that supplement our analytic mind. Part of you knows. Your guidance is always available. Cultivate the ability to use all your tools and you’ll make better and easier decisions. Eventually this leads to a smooth navigation of life, knowing what serves best in each moment.

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