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What Serves?

As I walk through life I encounter all manner of people, places, ideas, things. My attention reaches out to explore and becomes engaged. Interacting and responding in many different ways, I become enmeshed in my experiences and aspects of the … Continue reading

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Talking with the Universe

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys There are many ways to consciously talk with the Universe. Day dreaming and prayer are perhaps two of the most common. Meditation is about listening. I have found that if I’m paying attention I’m always … Continue reading

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Engaging the Enchanted World

What is the beginning? Being. And from Being all things come. The creation of the Universe is an ongoing event. Just ask the cosmologists. Creation happens within an aspect of Being condensing into form. Being is always there, underneath, in … Continue reading

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A Song in My Heart

At the holiday season, sacred song is often part of the experience. In churches carols are sung at special services. Meditations or Solstice ceremonies often include devotional song. Chanting is a part of services in many traditions. You might go … Continue reading

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Being Magical

I started out reading energy nearly 20 years ago. Looking into the magical world of Spirit. I would sit with you, enter a light trance state and “see” your aura, including chakras, past events, past lives, beliefs and pictures, other … Continue reading

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