Pause in the Light

Weaving Light

Take time to pause at the turning of the year. We have passed through the longest night and days are lengthening. Gradually. In the natural cycle of the Earth orbiting the Sun, change is slowest at the peaks and the bottoms of the wave. Nature is still moving into the coldest part of the year, which lags the darkest, as the hottest lags the brightest in summer. A great time for fires and practicing presence with oneself, with Spirit, and with all our relations.

Experiencing the meaning of January, named for the god Janus, who looked both forward and backward. In my mind I am shifting orientation from the past year to the coming year. Pausing in the between place, I relax into it, resisting the mental urges to be busy, to rush through this transition, even to finish old things or start new things.

I sit in meditations, often in the dark, sometimes in the earth, and feel into the Spiritual Light that is flowing onto the planet as if to balance out the briefness of the physical light. I feel this in my heart, I see it in my mind’s eye. I choose to be available to the Light which is being available to me. To feel how it is holding all of us. The more we allow the pause, the more we can be open and present to the Light. Like the pause between in-breath and out-breath in many meditations, or the dawn/dusk times of day, this is a special time and space, full of Spirit and gifts of insight. Going inward, find the inner light and gift it to yourself. Especially the edgy parts wanting to be busy. Listen for any guidance, or just listen to the stillness and relax.

Experience the Light that as being everywhere and begin to connect to its manifestation in all your relations. Whether they are relaxing into the same space as you or not, it is available for them as for you, and it can connect you to them in a good way. In the Light we are present with each other all the time, lying next to a beloved in bed, or greeting the heart of a child half way around the world.

Allowing yourself to feel the Presence of the Light, be present with Spirit, with your Self, with all your loved ones and with this beautiful planet that is our home. Being present with all, you will know how to be in right relationship with all. Being in right relationship you will know how to walk your Soul’s path forward into the new year. This is the greatest gift you can give at this season of giving, to bring your light to the dance.

Soon the sun will move northwards again, riding higher in the sky, rising earlier, setting later. There will again be more physical light. But right now, give yourself time to pause, open to the abundance of inner light, refresh, and inspire. Dropping into the web and weave of Light, come and co-create an amazing new year with all your relations.

(© 12/2015)

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