Cultivation of the Energy Body

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys

We are all energetic beings, interacting with each other and the world around us all the time, through various levels of energy. Your full “energy body” starts with the energetic aspects of your physical body, but also includes your emotional and mental levels, finally there are your purely spiritual aspects. Collectively the garden of your being.

Like your physical body your energy body can interact with others and exchange energy with others. Much of this energetic interaction is unconscious, or only partially conscious and as a result we all have energy in our space that has come from others and conversely some of our energy is always in other people’s spaces.

It is as if you have a garden that many other people have come and planted flowers in, other have grown from seeds drifting on the wind, or perhaps you have borrowed flowers from others without paying attention.

This is the usual state of affairs, part of the general human condition. The good news is that you will learn to be aware of what is planted in the garden of your being. You will learn how to choose which flowers (energies, programs, habits) to keep, or plant anew, and which no longer serve you and can be left behind. You will learn how to uproot, replant, and release or transform the different flowers in your garden.

Learning how to cultivate the garden of your being you become more aware of how you interact on an energy level. You learn about yourself and your relationships with others. You take charge of your life, choose how to set your energy, how you respond to things around you.

What trees and flowers, what thoughts and emotions do you want to cultivate in the garden of your being?

(© 1/2001)

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