The Connected Self

Take a moment to settle yourself. Give yourself a few deep slow breaths. Feel the seat under you and the sky above.

Now set your inner attention for self love. Open to the feeling in your body and being.

Notice what just happened. Are you feeling like a child of the universe, being loved by all of Spirit? or have you just flashed into a place where you are by yourself, alone, and trying to love yourself when no one else does?

If you felt the universe loving you, then good for you. You remember that we are all unconditionally connected to Spirit and loved by the Divine, unconditionally. Perhaps you’ve never really thought about it because its always been there. This is as it should be. Keep up the good work and have compassion for those many of us who, in the process of being human, have forgotten that we are always held and supported by Spirit.

For many of us we come to self love only after we have given up on being loved by others, at least in a deep and clear way that we know is possible. After all we know ourselves better than anyone and who else can love us as we are, appreciate us completely and unconditionally. Looking at the energy of Self Love recently I realized that there is often a hidden association: that we have only come consciously to self love when feeling a lack of external love. Calling in the vibration of self love may therefore invoke times when we have felt alone, having to love ourselves in a “vacuum” of external love. We tend to believe that if we are truly worthy of being loved that others would show this to us.

Self love is not something that you do by yourself, you do it with the whole universe supporting you. It is a receiving of the love that is always there, unconditionally. It is an opening to inner channels and resources, not really a “doing” at all. Loving yourself as a soul is not a matter of self flattery, or puffing oneself up egotistically. It is a deep feeling of presence and love inside and round about you.

Give yourself another breath, slow and deep. Feel the richness of the air and the life force that come with it. Experience the love of the universe pouring into your lungs and feel it spreading out into your whole body. Perhaps you are still, in your minds eye, by yourself, but feel into the truth that you are not alone. Release the outside, and all memories and thoughts that make Self Love hard or heavy. Hold gently and with love any aspects that feel alone, until they relax into your attention. Feel how you are held, enfolded by your Self, by Spirit.

Breathe again and melt into the infinite love of your Self loving you, unconditionally, eternally. The Divine is holding you, as the earth supports you and the sky shines light on you. Your guides and angels are with you. You are a child of the universe, one part of the whole loving itself, and all the power of the universe is supporting you in this. Easy and natural, love yourself and know that you are never alone.

(© 10/2011)

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