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Attention and Energy

When there is pain in your body it is hard not to focus on it. However your attention is known to enhance the pain. We naturally resist pain, but our resistance actually increases its experienced intensity. Most of our perception … Continue reading

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Spiritual Leverage

I stub my toe and it hurts. I see a rattle snake and I am afraid. Someone in my family transitions through death and I grieve. I encounter a new idea and am eager to explore it. All these reactions … Continue reading

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Trusting Power

Sometimes I am afraid to be powerful. But who is afraid? the part that is powerful, my Self, my Soul? or the small self that feels it must stay in control or be overwhelmed by Life. The small self wants … Continue reading

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Upholstered Words

The other day I was relating a dream and referred to a figure in it as “well upholstered”. The words came up out of the word banks in the back of my mind, and even as I said them I … Continue reading

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Breathing Into Life

Being comfortable, ground. Give yourself a slow, deep, breath. Relaxing, the exhale naturally releases. Follow another breath into the lungs and through the lungs into the rest of the body. Feel the belly expand and gently contract. Feel the pelvis … Continue reading

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