Holding the Center

As in the old Chinese curse it seems we are living in interesting times. Whether they are driven by the forces of galactic evolution, or the mass psychology of the human species, or both, or something else, we have everything from global warming to the potential meltdown of western capitalism unfolding before us.

Perhaps it is strange, but I find myself joyful and excited. I’m surprised myself. I’ve worried about these things most of my life. So why this amazing sense of joy and possibility?

Because you are waking up. Individually and collectively we are growing, healing, and waking up. There is a common intention to create community with a new purpose, or a renewed purpose, to serve spirit and the common good, to weave the sacred into daily life, to bring joy and love into our lives and our relationships.

This time the process is from the inside out. We are learning to face our shadows, to embrace our fears, to dive deep – where the still dark we discover is the foundation of possibility and creativity, out of which we can make new choices.

When we are not yet rooted in our central spiritual core, and the outer layers of the personality or the world around us (the manifest aspects of spirit and energy) dissolve, crumble, and transform, we are left lost in the darkness, afraid.

But when we have learned to reach inside, going deep, or high, or however you experience it, and have begun to connect with your high self, your soul, your source, then when the outer layers tremble and loose their structure, it is not I that is gone. There is a still quiet knowingness that spirit is deeper than the outer layers, and it is from this deeper place that you are strong, creative, and everything is possible.

From this place we can live in love and hope and joy, even amid flow and transformation.

The surprise today is to feel this welling up, when I wasn’t sure yet that it was really there. I can feel that my brothers and sisters are also holding this space also, that around the world many of us have the intention to hold this center so that transformation can take place. Personally, for another, or in communities.

Feel for it, ask for it, intend it, and allow your self to be drawn to it. It is there for you, and it is surfacing. Remember this is really who you are, always there when we let go of fear and the need to hold the outside together. In the spaces the center emerges, we remember the sacred, the essential self, and in joy and love we can create a new world.

(© 9/2008)

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